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Description of Services

  • Membership to the Zombie Pumpkins! site gives you access to printable pumpkin carving patterns (currently 376 design choices).
  • Memberships will last for 9 months from the date of payment.
  • Patterns are not mailed, emailed or downloaded. They must be printed directly from the site, so you must have simultaneous access to computer, a printer and internet connection.
  • Printed patterns are black and white outlines, sized to fit on a standard 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper.
  • Payments are non-recurring. You will never be automatically charged.
  • You can print as many or as few as you choose, within the quantity limit allowed for your chosen membership plan. But you must do so within the 9-month period.

Acceptable Use

  • In addition to pumpkin carving, patterns may always be used for personal, non-commercial art/craft projects.
  • Members may share pattern printouts among those in their household or guests at a pumpkin carving party.
  • Teachers may use pattern printouts as part of a classroom lesson.
  • Projects that help charity are also encouraged.

Prohibited Use

If any of these terms are broken, reserves the right to cancel a membership at its discretion:

  • You may not resell or redistribute the pattern files online.
  • You may not alter or repackage pattern prints for sale or distribution.
  • You may not profit from the sale of products that make use of the pattern designs.
  • You may not publicly share your password with multiple users.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact me.