2017 Charity Collection

Children's Health Fund Each year Zombie Pumpkins donates a portion of its profits to charity. Members who choose the Monster V.I.P. plan this year will see a portion of their payment go toward the Children's Health Fund.

Founded in 1987 by singer/songwriter Paul Simon and pediatrician Irwin Redlener, the Children's Health Fund (CHF) provides comprehensive health care to the nation's most medically underserved children and their families, through the following initiatives:

Health Care: CHF goes the extra mile with their "Blue Bus" -- a state-of-the-art mobile medical clinic that brings care directly to those children with the least access.

Healthy and Ready to Learn: This program addresses health barriers to learning, so that every child can have a chance to realize their full potential in school.

Innovation: Where vulnerable children lack transportation to a specialist, telemedicine technology can let kids "see" specialists who sit miles away.

Disaster Relief: Whether it's a flood, a hurricane or an epidemic, CHF is committed to responding quickly and offering support to recover from the damage and the trauma.

Advocacy: CHF researches areas of critical interest and speaks out to raise awareness, spark national dialogue and influence health care policy.