Printing Patterns

How many patterns can I print?

There are currently 400 designs to choose from. You can print as many as you want, within the limit for your chosen membership plan. The limits are:
$20 "Monster V.I.P." plan = no pattern limit
$10 "Fleshed Out" plan = 100 pattern limit
$5 "Skeleton Crew" = 25 pattern limit
$2 "Bare Bones" = 2 pattern limit

Can I upgrade my plan to print more patterns?

Yes, existing members can log into the site and follow the "Account" link. Here you will find payment buttons to upgrade your current plan.

How long do I have to print patterns?

Memberships last for 9 months from the date of payment. At that point your account will become inactive, and your pattern limits reset. A renewal payment would then be required if you wanted to print more patterns.

Can I choose which designs I want to print?

Of course! There are 400 designs, and you can print whichever ones you like, within your pattern limit. The exception is the V.I.P. Patterns which require the Monster V.I.P. membership level.

Which patterns are the V.I.P. Patterns exactly?

When browsing the pattern options, they will be marked with a "VIP" star badge in the corner. You can also see all the current V.I.P. Patterns on one page here.

Oh no, I clicked on the "PRINT THIS PATTERN" but it didn't print for some reason. Now I've used up one of my allowed patterns.

Have no fear. The pattern limits relate to how many different designs you can choose, not how many pieces of paper attempt you print. Your account will keep a record of your choices, and you can reprint that same design as needed, as long as your current membership period is still active.

Do I need to install special software to print patterns?

No, it's all quite standard. You'll just need a computer or mobile device with an internet connection, and a printer with paper.


What forms of payment are accepted?

A credit or debit card will allow for instant access to the pumpkin patterns. PayPal handles the transaction, so you can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, bank/debit cards and PayPal account funds. If you don't mind waiting a few days, you can also pay by mail with check or money order. Just print and follow the directions on this mail order membership form.

Do I need to create a PayPal account?

No, not if you don't want to. PayPal will process the charge, but you aren't required to save your information with them. After completing your one-time payment, choose to not create a PayPal account if prompted.

Is payment info kept secure?

Absolutely. doesn't see or store any of your credit or bank details. PayPal handles the secure processing, and they employ industry-leading encryption and fraud prevention tools.

Will I be billed automatically every month or year?

No, your Zombie Pumpkins membership is not a repeating subscription. 9 months after payment, your membership will simply expire automatically. We do not save your payment credentials, so it's not even possible for us to make a new charge without your permission.


Why is the login form telling me "Incorrect login"?

What you entered must not match the email or password we have on record for your account. Specifically, passwords are case sensitive, so you must enter it precisely with no extra spaces. And make sure your caps lock key is not turned on.

Ok, I carefully typed my login information but it's still saying "incorrect login."

It's possible that you mistyped your email address when you initially joined, or entered an old email address that you no longer use. In that case, contact me and provide your full name so I can look it up for you.

I forgot my password.

Use the Forgot Password form to submit your email address. You will be emailed a link that allows you to reset your password.

The Forgot Password form says "Unable to Reset Password"

Perhaps your Zombie Pumpkins account was created under a different older email address. If you're unsure, contact me to with your full name. I can look it up for you, and update the email address on your account if necessary.

I just paid, so why is the site telling me that my account is inactive, or that I need to renew?

When you make a payment, PayPal contacts our servers to confirm your payment. This usually happens instantly, but once in a while there can be a slight delay. If you can, please wait several minutes and then try logging in again. If you think an unreasonable amount of time has passed, by all means contact me and I'll make sure it's working.