You can demonstrate your allegiance by spreading the word about the Zombie Pumpkins! Specifically, the Patch Master wants to see visual or audio proof that you spread knowledge of Zombie Pumpkins to the masses.

Your goal is to make the uninitiated remember the Zombie Pumpkins name and artwork. If you can prove you've done this, you'll have a chance to be rewarded with one of the items pictured above.


So... are you a Zombie Pumpkins Minion? Contact me and show me what ya got! Here are some creative and ambitious ways that others have earned their official Minion rank. Remember, pics to prove it!

In the News

Is your carving work getting recognition in the press? Get Zombie Pumpkins a plug on TV, radio, newspaper, or magazine.

Public Displays and Demonstrations

Create an impressive Zombie Pumpkins display in a high traffic spot. Or hold a public carving demo (using Zombie Pumpkins patterns) for a crowd.


Marking your flesh for life is a serious decision not to be taken lightly. And yet some brave and amazing souls out there sport Zombie Pumpkins ink.

Musicians and Storytellers

Composers and poets have written rhyme and lore about the Zombie Pumpkins. Can you craft a song, story or poem that gets published for distribution?

Celebrity Encounters

There are many pumpkin patterns based on celebrities. Capture a photo of that star with their pumpkin likeness, and tell 'em Zombie Pumpkins sent ya!

Come up with your own mission

You're not limited to the ideas above. If you can think of other ways to get public attention for Zombie Pumpkins, you might also qualify. Anything that gets the name out to the masses!