1. A loyal follower or obedient underling of a powerful being.
2. One who is highly esteemed or favored; a darling and fawning favorite.
Origin: Middle French, 15th century

Zombie Pumpkins Minion Patch
These patches are 3" round, professionally embroidered, and feature an iron-on backing. Ready to be adhered or sewn onto your favorite shirt, jacket or bag.
Since 2008, it has also been the affectionate designation for fans of Zombie Pumpkins! They are the Groupies of the gourd. Followers of the fruit. Servants of the squash.

So... are you a Minion? Prove your allegiance by taking your creativity to the next level, helping to spread the word about the Zombie Pumpkins! Some ideas are listed below to get you started.

If the proof of your accomplishment qualifies, you'll earn your official pumpkin patch (and possibly other prizes too).

Think of it like earning a merit badge in the scouts. Or scoring an achievement in a video game. Show off your dedication, and you'll earn bragging rights among your friends and enemies.

If you think you have completed a mission, contact me and tell me about it!

Minion Missions

Monstrous Media Monstrous Media
Is your carving work getting recognition in the press? If you can get Zombie Pumpkins a plug on TV, radio, newspaper, or magazine, you have certainly earned your pumpkin patch.
Deathly Demo Deathly Demo
Spread the panic of the Zombie Pumpkins by teaching others how to carve. Hold a public pumpkin carving demo (featuring Zombie Pumpkins patterns) and gather at least a small crowd. Prove it with photos.
Insidious Ink Insidious Ink
Marking your flesh for life is not to be taken lightly. But the Patch Master takes off his hat to those willing to get a tattoo of Zombie Pumpkins mascots, patterns, or related art.
Vicious Verse Vicious Verse
For the composers and poets out there, craft a song or poem about the Zombie Pumpkins! To qualify, your work should be published through a prominent distribution channel where others can buy it.
Famous Frights Famous Frights
There are many pumpkin patterns based on celebrities. Capture a photo of that star with their pumpkin likeness. Or get the celeb to show direct recognition for Zombie Pumpkins in some other way.
More Missions Yet to Come?
Don't let the list limit you. You're welcome to come up with your own ideas! The best concepts are ones that show extra effort to promote ZP in unique ways. The results must be able to be displayed here on the site for all to see. If you come up with a bold enough idea, maybe it will be added to the list of official Minion Missions, earning you a pumpkin patch and more.

Highest Ranking Minions

Your name here? List of completed missions will go here.
Your name here? List of completed missions will go here.
Your name here? List of completed missions will go here.

Completing multiple missions:
Minions are encouraged to complete as many missions as they want, although you can only earn one of the default pumpkin patches shown above. You'll still earn a higher rank on our leader-board and have your accomplishments displayed on the site. And you're sure to earn some other prizes and surprises too!

Minions Merch