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What began as a pumpkin seed of an idea in 2002, has evolved into the premier provider of pumpkin patterns. Zombie Pumpkins offers hundreds of stencil designs, ready to print immediately. From classic creatures to famous monsters, just browse the categories to find your favorites, and join us when you're ready.


I believe there's an artist in all of us. All you need is a printer and a carving kit saw. This site offers everything else you'll need. If you can trace a line, you can carve with pumpkin patterns. Just follow the tutorial and it will be an illuminating experience, for both you and your pumpkin. If you're nervous, pick from one of five difficulties. You may start with at the beginner level, but soon you'll be eager to show off with a maniac pattern.


Designing printable templates for pumpkins is as much a science as an art. That's right, I even consider the effects of physics, biology, and optics (sounds smart, doesn't it?). After decades of sketching stencils, testing templates, plotting patterns and goring gourds, I know what works. The designs found here are carefully crafted to look frighteningly good, while also having stable connection points to keep the experience frustration-free. Even complex designs are easier to carve than you think.


My name is Ryan. The patch master and king of jacks. With roots in professional art, and a lifetime devotion to Halloween tradition, this pumpkin project is no mere pastime. That should come as no surprise, as I've been doing this for 20 years! I work the day shift and the graveyard shift - hand drawing your patterns, shipping  your merchandise, and answering your emails. Heavy is the head that wears the pumpkin king crown, but I'm always here to serve the people!