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Unique Creations

Entirely original patterns, many with classic Halloween themes, drawn from my twisted brain.
Latest: Cackle Lantern

Movie Monsters

Villains ready to slash and slice, these are the beastly fiends of the silver screen.
Latest: Twilight Zone Rabbit

Heroic Headliners

Film favorites fighting for the good side. A hero pumpkin always saves the day.
Latest: Ghostbusters

Burton's Nightmares

Characters from the mind of Tim Burton. From Halloween Town and beyond (the grave).
Latest: Sandy Claws

Kreatures for Kids

For those who prefer the cute and cuddly, these patterns will keep the little ones happy.
Latest: Frozen

Rock Gods

Known to shred with an axe, these deities rock. Their sonic stencils are music to your ears.
Latest: Jim Morrison

Television Terrors

Don't touch that dial! Tuned to terror, these TV patterns are guaranteed to rot your brain.
Latest: Mr. Spock

Grave Icons

True icons of fright, these actors and authors provide highly haunting entertainment.
Latest: H. P. Lovecraft

V.I.P. Patterns

Those with a "Monster Harvest" membership unlock 10 "very important pumpkin patterns."

Grinning Jacks

A step beyond triangle eyes, sure to put a smile on the face of any jack o' lantern purist.
Latest: Keaton

Phantom Phrases

Spell it out for your guests with warm welcomes and wicked words of warning.
Latest: Witch Way

Pixel Players

Take control of video game characters. These patterns will earn you high scores.
Latest: Luigi

Cult Culture

Explore the oddities of strange subcultures with these misfits of niche nostalgia.
Latest: Monster Cereals

Further Festivities

Carving goes deeper than Halloween. Make traditions with other seasonal stencils.
Latest: Clark Griswold

Summer Spirits

Tropical treats and patriotic patterns, designed with summer watermelon carving in mind..
Latest: Crab

Freakish Freebies

Debating joining? Give these free patterns a stab. You're sure to fall under their spell.
Latest: Mr. Spock

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