Pumpkin Carving Photography Contest 2014

Do you have a natural talent for creative carving or phenomenal photography? Show us what you can do, and you might win prizes and/or have your photo displayed in the gruesome galleries.

How to Enter

Carve one or more pumpkins using the pumpkin carving patterns offered on this site. Creatively photograph the finished pumpkins (keeping in mind the criteria below) and submit your best photo(s) to the 2014 Pumpkin Carving Gallery.

Note: Photo submissions must contain examples of Zombie Pumpkins patterns in use, and must be taken during 2014.


Winners in each category below will be awarded a Halloween prize pack worth $25. Winner of the "Cream of the Crop" category receives a Halloween prize pack worth $100!

Competition Categories

Best Props - Bring your pumpkin carving to life by posing it with some props that fit the character. Example: Your old Nintendo system would make an appropriate base on which to place your Mario and Luigi pumpkins.

Best Setting - Take your pumpkin on location, photographing it in its natural environment. Example: You don't have to take your Creature to the actual Black Lagoon in the Amazon jungle, but near some sort of water would be fitting.

Most Clever / Amusing - Photograph your pumpkin in a way that will make people smile at your wit. Often the setting or props will play a part here too. Example: Wrapping The Mummy in toilet paper will probably earn a chuckle at least.

Best Costume / Carving Pairing - Wear your Halloween costume and pose with a pumpkin that matches the character or theme. Example: If you're dressed as a pirate, photograph yourself with something like the Jolly Roger skull.

Best Grouping - Carve several pumpkins and arrange them for a group shot. The trick here is to come up with a nice compact configuration, rather than having spread across the entire lawn. Try staggering them and placing them at different heights.

Cream of the Crop - One submission will rise to the top of the heap, a cut above the rest. This award will go to the entry that uses some of the ideas mentioned above... and then goes even beyond.

The Fine Print: Photo submissions must contain examples of Zombie Pumpkins patterns in use, and must be taken during 2014. Photos must be submitted to the gallery by December 31, 2014. To be eligible, photos must be submitted by someone with an active Zombie Pumpkins membership.