Sharing knowledge for the art of artificial craft pumpkins.
Has anyone ever put tissue paper inside their pumpkin so you can see the pattern a bit better during the day, and to block a carve on the other side? I did a double carve on one pumpkin of Frankensteins Monster and the Bride. I have been worried about using glue and tried tape which didn't work at all. Any advice would be welcomed! :D
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By Rich D
What about using something stiffer, like part of a file folder or thin piece of cardboard wrapped with tissue paper? Once you got it trimmed correctly, it should stay in place on its own.
Tissue paper works well, I have tried it several times. I use watered down glue on the inside of the pumpkin. I am planning on a new cave that only needs to be colored in one spot, I will post pictures when it is done.
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