Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
"Whats that? whats that? I hear the great pumpkin!! There he is, there he is! Its the great pumpkin, hes rising out of the pumpkin patch"

So I think we discussed this before but I think some serious "its the great pumpkin charlie brown" stencils are in order! I would love to have linus in the patch, or lucy and her witch costume or even the sign that says welcome great pumpkin. I know ryan I think you said that it was hard to do cartoon based characters. I am not sure but I think they would be a big hit.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Charlie Brown and company could indeed be tricky with my style of patterns. But I'm sure I could figure something out. That Halloween special is a holiday classic. And pumpkins are featured prominently!
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By amandap80
I second the Charlie Brown ideas!
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By Herbert West
Just the thought of this makes me very excited. Hopefully the great pumpkin will be making an appearance this year!
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By gregh3196
Yeah that is a total classic and of course a pattern of "Blockhead" would be great! :)
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By The Captain
Peanuts would be awesome as well as some simple, classic stuff like skulls, witches, cats, and maybe a devil or two.
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By cyberdman
This is mine that I did last year. A friend of mine from anthoer site and I worked on the pattern.

"I got a rock!" :

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By adam
I have to bump this one too! Because even though I know you rarely do cartoon accept the occasion that they are SUPER special...

Peanuts is def in that category. I would love to see either a few or something way cool, like Linus and his "Great Pumpkin Sign." Where linus is his own pumpkin and you have to stack a pumpkin on top of another pumpkin just for the sign. Something I was just thinking about!

Would love to see garfields halloween adventure, I watch that every year as well. :)

I would also love to see another elvira! Its a huge hit amongst the adults! Especially since she has some big TALENT ...what were you thinking? I said talent...geeze, get your mind out of the gutter will ya! But...she kinda does need the boobage. LOL! What!!! Its part of her charm! Def carving her again this year.
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By adam
Whats that? whats that?? Is the great pumpkin going to come??! Or will I be faked out with a beagle!!! Will I miss tricks or treats?!
You have heard of fury in a boy scorned havn't you? Well, that's nothing compared to the fury of a boy who has been cheated out of great pumpkin stencils! :D
I got a rock would not be understood in the uk, it's years since charlie brown cartoons were played to kids regularly.
By Sam_hain
this seems prettty much like it needed to be done years ago lol....

although we all know if youve watched trick r treat... charlie browns an a-hole lol

sry language if it offends anyone.
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By adam
Hahahah poor ryan. I have used up the quotes from Great Pumpkin to keep egging him on with demands of GP stencils. :D I picture a family of great pumpkin stencils over the years.
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By SuperSonic
I also think this idea would be grand. Me and my dad sit down every year and watch it atleast once :). Please bring the Great Pumpkin to his Greatness :D
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