Request a pumpkin pattern or critique the current collection.
By ArtOfLosingMFZB
I may have requested most of these somewhere before but here I am going to sum them all up:

Invader ZIM characters (Zim, GIR, Dib, etc.)

Gorillaz band members (2D, Murdoc, Noodle, Russel)

Sonic The Hedgehog characters (Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow)
Master Chief from HALO
Psychonauts characters (Raz and others)

I don't expect any of these to actually get Zombie-fied, although it would be stellar if it happened.
By balsak40
Gorillaz would be a nice addition. Especially 2D and Murdoc.

Any band member from GWAR. From the vein of Alice Cooper.
Misfits (The skull)

Ash (Evil Dead)
Robocop (Dead or alive, you're coming with me)
any 1930's movie monsters! Bela! Boris! Doesn't matter.
Dr. Death and Bub (Day of the Dead)

Ren and Stimpy (I grew up with them... :D )
Patrick (Spongebob)
Crypt Keeper
Doctor Who (Tom Baker but Chris Eccelson (sp?) will do too..)
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By pumkin-lights
agree with the gorillaz


girl from the (ring) 8)
little boy from the (grudge) :x
headless horseman (sleepy hollow) :P
dr doom ( fantastic four) :twisted:
the killer in (valentine) :|
jason's mask :wink:


all animated batman villians :o
wwe stars :shock:
simon cowell!!!! (not me the missus(bloody x-factor)) :oops:


axle rose :(
slash :lol:


all disney villians :D
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By NightOfTheJackO'Lantern
I would like to see:

-Pennywise the clown
-A scary looking Frankenstein
-Some more scary clowns
-Zombies in a cemetery,some of them coming out of the ground
-Jaws the shark coming out of the water next to a boat
-A scary looking werewolf
-The Fisherman from "I Know What You Did Last Summer"
-The Crypt Keeper
-Freddy vs Jason
By reignman40
I have to agree with a few that have been listed. My top wants are:

Rock Gods:

The Crypt Keeper
Wrestlers (Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior, Sting, Vampiro)

And in general I just love clowns. As evil as they can come.
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By Tkaraoke
reignman40 wrote:The Crypt Keeper
Now here's a request the zombies can really sick their teeth into, kiddies!!! Heehehehehehehehehe!

Oh man, what a perfect subject for a pumpkin. TALES FROM THE CRYPT used to be my favorite HBO series back in the day.
A friend and I have a running joke about the character...

(somebody getting their head cut off with an ax)

CK: "Looks like someone went off the handle and lost their heads, kiddies! Heehehehehehehehe!

M1: "Hey dude, that's not funny! Are you some kind of sicko?"

CK: "Hey, It's my job! This is the only one a half-rotted corpse can get! Do you think they are going to hire me down at the McDonalds? I doubt it so get off my back!"
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By pumkin-lights
NightOfTheJackO'Lantern wrote:I would like to see:

-Pennywise the clown
there is a pennywise stencil on jp's site
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By Kerianne19
Its on JP's website...
You have to join his site, just like here. Once you join, it's available along with lots of other great stencils.
By ArtOfLosingMFZB
Here are a few reference pics of Raz from Psychonauts because I'm not sure if Ryan or anyone else for that matter is too familiar with the game (but if you get the chance, I highly recommend you check it out).

Raz looking up
Raz thinkin
Raz standing
Raz with goggles on
Raz again
Raz running to class
Raz / Gogglar

there. just trying to give you a good idea on what he looks like. Other characters from Psychonauts would be great too but Raz especially. And I know you, Ryan, have said not to expect many more cartoon stencils anymore but it seems like this wouldn't be nearly as hard as other cartoon characters to make stencils of....freaking love this game
By Jaxter
I think we need to get the alien off of Destroy all Humans.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
ArtOfLosingMFZB wrote:I know you, Ryan, have said not to expect many more cartoon stencils
Well that applies only to 2D line-drawing characters. But 3D shaded characters like those in video games and Pixar movies, are totally doable.