Chronicle your costume creation and share photos of your disguise.
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By MooBoo
Cool! Great theme! I really love your make-up and costumes! :D
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By Raven
Very nice! Great costumes and makeup job! This is a look I've been wanting to do myself. Maybe someday. :)
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By nosferatu
Love it. I love the details, the skull in the centre of the flower on your hat. The make-up is spot on. Did you do it? Your wife? Or did you do each others?

You always make such a fantastic effort. I love seeing your photos.
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By ghostface
Awesome theme! Love the makeup work!
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By monstermash
Gosh!! You two look amazing! I can tell that you've put lots of effort into the costumes even the skull and flower on your hat matches your wifes. How long did that make up take you? I really want to go down the Dia De Los Muertos route one year.
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By Batgirl
iQue bueno! iAmbos están estupendas!

(Y'all look great!)
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By SuperSonic
Ahhh I love Italian and Spanish. Such amazing sound.

Great costumes!!!! You look fantabulus!!!

How long did it take to doo all that make up!
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
I've looked at these pictures a few times now, examining all the little details. Obviously you put some real care into these outfits. Everything matches, no part of your costume looks like an afterthought. Cohesive couple. Bravo. So who painted whose face? The makeup is perfect. Good pumpkin pairing too, of course!