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By Zombie Pumpkins!
If we were counting only new 2011 patterns, the top 5 would be:

1. Root Of All Evil
2. Silas
3. Tow Mater
4. Morty
5. Regan

So to those of you who guessed Mater, Morty or Regan, you were certainly on the right track.

Scraps has a solid performance overall, and was almost top dog in the Burton category.... but nobody could overtake the king, Jack Skellington (faces) and his rival Oogie Boogie.

Bicycle Girl Zombie was another high ranking print, winning her TV category, no contest. Which shows that people are willing to attempt even complicated patterns, if they like the design enough. Rick Grimes came up a respectable 2nd place for TV patterns, leaving other newcomer Lily Munster all the way down in 9th position.

In the Kids category, there are clear favorites when you look at certain pairs. Mater outpaced McQueen, Buzz flew past Woody, Elmo stole the show from Kermit.

Michael Jackson's Thriller topped the charts in the Rock God's category, leaving new entry Johnny Cash all the way at 7th place among the musicians.

With no new hero characters to challenge them, the nostalgic 80s dominated the Herioc section, with E.T. and Gizmo bringing their creepy cuteness to the top of the list.

And as usual, Frankenstein's Monster and Freddy Krueger dominated the Movie Monster's selection. Although, they may have as new contender in their ranks. The Exorcist's Regan placed a solid 3rd in that category.
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By monstermash
WooHoo! I never win anything good. The last thing I won was a tin of pickled squid on a tombola at Cleethorpes.
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By Raven
Congratulations to the winners!

It is interesting to see what patterns are printed the most. I'm kinda surprised Frankie Stein didn't make the top 5.