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By MooBoo
Here are a few costumes from our Halloween party, we did ours on friday night, good job too, as i was ill Sat and sun. (Not from drinking :lol: )

Here's me prentending the camera isn't on me, i was going for a victorian vampire look, not sure if it came off as that though.

My nephew as Chucky, but he looked cute rather than scary.

Freddy and a zombie having a conversation

Me in the middle with my two sis-in-laws, one going for steampunk look, and the other a preganant witch. (She is actually pregnant)


And a dead prom queen

It was a great night, nearly everyone dressed up which is always a good start and everyone had a great time. :D
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Victorian vampire, yep, I can see it. Love the concept. Well executed.

Chuck is indeed cute and scary. It's like the doll.. but if the doll became a real life boy (ala Pinocchio) which is somehow even more creepy. What a "good guy."

Zombies, vampires, slashers and even a bit of steampunk. The gang's all here.

I like the idea of doing a "pregnant witch" costume even if not really pregnant. That would just be... so random. Along those lines... here are more random costume ideas: a ghost with the flu, a skeleton on a diet, a werewolf who's been shaved.

Anyway... cool pics and costumes, hope everyone had fun!
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By ghostface
Great costumes!
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By nosferatu
Love the pictures and love the costumes. Chucky steals the show though. Super cute!

Glad you had a great night.
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By monstermash
Looks like you had a blast. Is that a pint of rum and coke I see in your hand? You're not fooling anyone, you did have a hangover! teehee :wink:
If you hadn't said you were a victorian vamp I would have assumed you were. Chucky is brilliant, what great parents to think of doing that.