Provide your feedback on the main site (besides the patterns).
It's that time again... take a look at the rules for the Carving Contest 2011 and start submitting your photos to the Gruesome Gallery to win some of the $200 worth of prizes.


Some of you have been taking some amazingly creative photos this year, I do hope you'll all submit to the gallery/contest!

You might need some recovery time after Halloween, as well as time to sort and process your photos. You have until the end of December to do so, before the 2011 gallery is locked. But please don't forget, I want to see your best!

Also, I realize I have not posted the past winners this year. Sorry for that, but do not worry... all winners.... from all past years... will eventually be added to the site properly, and all prizes have been, or will be, awarded as promised. Making all these contest winner galleries is something that can keep me busy in the off-season. :)
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By mesmark
Just as a suggestion, maybe you could add a feature to the submission page that shows us photos that we have submitted but haven't been accepted yet. For example, I can't remember if I submitted my "deja vu" picture or not ... :oops:

It may save you from having to review several submissions of the same photos.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Good suggestion. I'll see if something like that is possible. People do tend to resubmit the same photos more than once.

My admin system for approving the photos does allow me to glance at each persons submissions all at once, so I can remove duplicates. But for the user end of things, it would save the people some time if they knew they didn't need to re-upload.

As for you mesmark, I can confirm that you did submit your "deja vu" photo. That's the tree/pumpkin pair, right? You also submitted one other pending photo of some weird patterns up in a tree. Heh. And your McQueen and Mater road trip photo is already approved and posted here.

I know you like to only submit your best, but don't be shy about submitting more if you'd like.