Chronicle your costume creation and share photos of your disguise.
Some of your have already shared your costume ideas, and even shown some planning photos. But I thought it might be fun to do a quick roundup to list everyone's costume for 2011.

So if you're planning to dress up... what are you going to be? No need to share detailed explanations or photos yet. Just curious to hear the name or concept.

I will be... well, it's an original character and there's a 2011 pattern for it. Some of you have already assumed this. 8)
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By wookie66
I created a cornfield in my yard so i will be one of the scarecrows.
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By pagemaster1993
I do not think I will be doing anythin involving costumes. I was suppose to go to a costume party tonight, but it snowing and I do not care to travel in snow.
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By Lala
My husband is being a Ghostbuster and I am being a Ghost (and I need to finish my costume eeek) . Our Son (well, my stepson) who is 5 is being Mr.Incredible, but his Mom picked it up at a yard sale - We never get any say and never get to see him on Halloween, so I'm annoyed. Our Godson is going to be Harry Potter - I made the costume for his brother in 2005! So I'm excited to see it be used again!
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By Raven
I'm going to be a spider queen. I have no idea what else to call it. My husband is also dressing up again this year. He isn't really all that into it like I am. His thought was to dress all in black and be a "shadow". I told him to wear his black trench coat and carry a scythe and be a grim reaper. He has agreed to that although he still hasn't made anything close to a scythe. I have the feeling he is going to carry the real one we own.

I'm already thinking about next years costume. :)
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By Hottie McNaughty
Super crappy cell phone pic but I managed to find Batman and Poison Ivy!

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By Raven
Wow, Hottie! Very cool! I would want to run around like that every day. :D
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By MooBoo
Vampire! Always vampire :lol:
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By SuperSonic
As if it werent already obvious, I went as Sonic the Hedgehog. Pics w/carving up later.