Chronicle your costume creation and share photos of your disguise.
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By pagemaster1993
Dadja wrote:Just... wow. I know you are good with the matching costumes, but this? This is superb! Yours is slightly disturbing, but I'll let that slide :wink:
Dadja is right this stuff almost rivals that of Cosplay.
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By SuperSonic
I can't even begin to express my amazement for these costumes! So accurate and so well made, well priced and well dressed. :P

Send the compliments to the wife!!
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By nosferatu
The photos are so cool. Looks like you had an amazing time - a total blast or indeed thunderbolt. 8) 8)

I have seen less professional displays at theme parks - a stunning accomplishment. Grade: A+
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By ghostface
Your costumes look amazing!! Great job!
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By SuperSonic
AMazing work mesmaek as always!! Great job on the scenery too!
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Hahaha. You all look great. Nice work on the wigs, they look accurate to me! Boy, each of your kids must tell all their friends, "I have the coolest parents! They play Pokemon with us... no, I mean they play it for real!"