Display some killer Halloween artwork you've found or created yourself.
these are some Imade a little while ago. Print off the larger image. They fit a standard 750ml bottle or mason jars (eye of newt).
They fit on an 8.5x11 sheet.
Enjoy :D

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By ghostface
:shock: Dang staticfurball you gooooooddd! :D
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By purple1worm
awesome! :D
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By snow2alike
staicfurball (got it right this time), I bought the ones martha stewart sells and to tell the truth --- I like yours best. They look fantastic !!!
Thank you very much for sharing them!
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By keifferone
You rock Static. I need more bottles.
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By MooBoo
These are excellent, thankyou so much for sharing. :D
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By staticfurball
no problen guys, I have more to share and will be making a few new books soon too. All you need is paper to print them on! :D
I just wanted to bring this up again incase any of you want to use them this year :)