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By Starparty
The dry run for 2011's costume was a success! I didn't wear my new new boots (Renaissance Faire dust + black velvet = B.A.D.) but I think the addition of Cat Got Your Tongue more than makes up for it!


And as a bonus I got to spread the holiday cheer all the way down I-71 on the way home! :lol:

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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Well done! I love the colors and all the little details on the costume. Lots to look at. And the cat pumpkin makes a great unique accessory.

And wow, a lit pumpkin in the back window of the car. Why haven't I thought of that? I should drive around like that all the time during this month. Good advertising.
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By Raven
Beautiful costume! I love the pumpkin in the back window. Unfortunately I have nothing in my car to set it on in the back. Time for a new car. :)
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By amandap80
That is one of the prettiest and most unique witch costumes I have ever seen! Did you make it? (I apologize if there was a thread devoted to this)
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By ghostface
Awesome costume Starparty!
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By monstermash
You look great starparty. I'm getting alot of Hocus Pocus vibes from that costume. Really really great. I hope you had poison chocolate bars for kids in that basket! :twisted: :lol:
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By Starparty
Thank you everybody! I'm really happy with the way it came out!

The pumpkin in the back was kind of a DUH moment :lol: I couldn't get the pins out of the bottom and shoved it in the back window to look for my pliers, saw the reflection and just left it there!

Amandap - Thank you!! I made the shirt and the top skirt. The bottom patchwork skirt is from Silver Squirrel ( ) and the bodice was made by my friend Dev at Odd Bodkin! I'm a member of the International Wenches Guild so a lot of what I have for this costume is just my wench gear repurposed!

Monstermash - Sarah Sanderson Is. My. Hero! I will admit there was lots of AMOK AMOK AMOKing! And seeing as my name actually IS Sarah it just works that much more ;)
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By SuperSonic
Costume looks absoultley fab Starparty! My costume was done the same way, hand made peices on several bought pieces.

If only I owned a car, I could do this sort of thing. 'Kins in the windows? Sign me UP!!! :D :lol: