Provide your feedback on the main site (besides the patterns).
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By Chewy
blueikaos wrote:I just entered as well!

Would be great to stick them up around the haunt I work at for our thousands of customers to see!
oh man... she just gave away MY idea!!!

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By blueikaos
Chewy, it just means we both have great places to help advertise! :wink:
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By Chewy
Nah... Ive got nothing actually.

I was teasing & suggesting that posting them at your haunt was my idea...

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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Sticker Scheme Contest winners have been quietly receiving their sticker packs over the past couple weeks. Congrats to these winners so far:

Alex B.
Ryan W.
Kim W.
Jeff A.
Amy C.
Ryan H.
Rebecca P.
Meghan W.
Stephen P.
Caitlin M.
Nicole G.
Adam C.
Renee W.
Janiece M.
Kayleen A.

Once this phase of the sticker contest is complete, I'll share some of the cool ideas these winners had. And hopefully be able to share some of their photographic proof , showing these warning stickers put to use, for either good or evil. :twisted:

If you received any of the stickers along with an order from the Shocking Shop, feel free to do cool things with them and show me photos too. Who knows, there might be something in it for ya!
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By wookie66
Wait a minute i see a Ryan W as one of the winners. Employees of the company, oops i meant employee of the company are not allowed to enter and win their own contests :wink: I can't wait to see what the winners came up with.
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By Chewy

I'm the *other* Ryan W....

Sadly... one of the cornerstones of my scheme involved Mickey's not so scary halloween party in Anaheim - unfortunately, the stickers missed our departure. Now that we're home and desperately short on time, i'll be scrambling tomorrow.
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By blueikaos
I never got mine. Just wondering what may have happened?
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By Chewy
Ok, so, mine... they came a little too late to make it on our trip to disneyland (which was my primary target) - and left me with only a day to actually deliver on this, which i failed to do.

I put five of them into our company pumpkin carving/halloween hallway decorating contest as prizes (we have about 500 people at this site). Didn't get any pictures though, I ended up getting called into a meeting and missed it (and the person I asked to take some for me/send them forgot...)

One's on the roofbox on our escape (photo to follow) & the rest are sitting on my desk at home - I guess, unless Ryan wants me to return them, they're going to be waiting for next year now.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
blueikaos wrote:I never got mine. Just wondering what may have happened?
You're just trying to trick me into sending more, aren't you? ;) I emailed you just now, check your inbox.

Chewy wrote:Ok, so, mine... they came a little too late ... I guess, unless Ryan wants me to return them, they're going to be waiting for next year now.
Oh, there's no pressure to use the stickers in exactly the way you suggested. Or for this year, or even next. By suggesting clever ideas for how you might use the stickers, I trust that you have the right minion spirit to put them to good use eventually. :twisted:

Looking forward to seeing what everyone eventually does with these stickers, I've been saving the photo submissions of the warning labels in use, for an eventual gallery.
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By CorpseBride
I got mine a little late too. I managed to sneak one up on the drive thru of the busiest coffee shop in town 2 days before Halloween. After that I was so consumed with preparing for the big day I hardly left the house! :lol: I put the rest in an envelope to put out next year in prime locations :D

P.S - The sticker is still where I put it in the Drive Thru...untouched :twisted: