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By CombichristGirl
just a few things this year :? oh well room to improve next year. i will be making possibly one or more tombstones but we shall see
a paper mache pumpkin in progress why did i not make paper clay sooner!?!?!?
..sort of explains the absence Combi!

...nice, & whenever the kin dries it'll have wow factor, don't rush! ..looks amazing right now as is!
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By CombichristGirl
thanks guys :). yeah between my back problems and lack of money havent got much done, and other stuff is going to poop. ...but i am cracking down and have to start pumpkin shopping before they run out lol. hope to have another good turn out for a carving party this year too :)
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By purple1worm
Nice work! I like how you tilted the gravestone! Did you cut it that way?
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Even if you're only able to make a couple things, I know you'll make them count! Your paper pumpkin looks really cool. It's amazing what you can do with just paper. Paper mache or even just paper pulp ground up in water. I've made some cool things in my day, and who would have guessed they it was just shredded newspaper creating the shapes.
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By CombichristGirl
i did indeed cut it that way lol :)
sometimes i do use some spray paint. more often then not i wet down the tombstone lightly with water and then take a blow torch to it! who doesnt love fire. makes for great effects and gets that randomness going on :)
yeah this wa my first time using paper pulp, so i didnt do anything like stolloween. its amazing and fun so i think i might get one more done this year before halloween. if so i'll have to add a face to it :)

side note i enjoyed taking a box knife and digging the tip into the sides of the foam. flipping it up and out to make the markings on the side.
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By Chewy
CCG - thjose are very nice!

Well done!
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By CorpseBride
Simply fabulous! I too love the angle of the tombstone.

I am trying my hand out at paper mache pulp right now too! And strangely enough it too involves a pumpkin. I cannot BELIEVE I have never done it before. It is such an amazing medium. Regular old paper mache is fine and all but the pulp...lovely.