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By graveyard
Hi all
i only joined yesterday but in my introduction every one asked for updates on my progress this year. I just hope i get time to do every thing i want to do :)
i started my grave popper today the wife and Kidd's left me alone for half hour so i got the prop running now just need to make it look good here's a vid hope this works:

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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Hey, your grave popper looks great. Should give the kiddies a fright! They won't expect that witch to pounce like that.

By the way, sorry that video embedding isn't working at the moment, but I've fixed your post to just show the direct link to YouTube where everyone can watch the video.
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By monstermash
Hahaha nice one graveyard. I can just imagine the kids and adults jumping out of their skin. Is that going to be a sign that she is hiding behind?
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By SuperSonic
Great start!

I wouldn't know where to begin if I were to make such a thing. I must ask,is it a tombstone she is holding, or a sign?
By graveyard
It is going to be a grave stone hopefully
When making my props i don't buy anything i try to use what iv got this is made from a telescopic roof cleaning brush haha
i did have a problem at the beginning i had the pressure up to high and sent it straight through my car port roof and up about 15m high my wife was not happy :)
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By wookie66
On alot of air pressured props most of them recommend to use 100 psi, how high is yours set. Sorry about the roof, i bet it was fun to watch though.
By graveyard
it was very funny this prop only needs about 30 psi i tried all the way up to 120psi iv also added a tether so it can not take off again
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By SuperSonic
graveyard wrote:It is going to be a grave stone hopefully.
When making my props i don't buy anything I try to use what iv got this is made from a telescopic roof cleaning brush. Haha.
I did have a problem at the beginning, I had the pressure up to high and sent it straight through my car port roof! And up about 15m high! My wife was not happy. :)
Ohh I certainly got a good kick out of that! :) That just made my day :lol:
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By sloaner
Nice looking prop. That witch must have had her broom and that's why she flew up so high. Are you in peterborough ontario? It's always good to see people in Southern Ontario with the Halloween spirit.
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By CorpseBride
She is fantastic! I love the sound :) I can't wait to see the finished product. I have always wanted to tackle my own moving props but I am technically challenged with that sort of thing. I plan to teach myself one day though!
sloaner, graveyard is from the ORIGINAL Peterborough, a cathederal city on the edge of the fens ..back in the ole UK
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By sloaner
Thanks gus. It gets confusing living in ontario. We have so many citys that are in other countrys like london, paris, cambridge, and we used to have berlin but it was renamed kitchener.
By graveyard
Yes GUS is right UK
CorpseBride and CombichristGirl i have always wanted some moving props so i did a bit of reading and started. I only use what i have laying around its just a good job i never throw anything away. Today i stated my grave grabber using a car window motor and some moving rats out of a old massage chair the hardest thing is the circuits iv just finished my lightning affect and my props voices all coming together nicely ill put some more videos up soon
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By purple1worm
Cool! :D