Trading tips for dark displays and prop production.
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By Batgirl
What is the best Halloween prop/decoration/item that you've ever purchased? Why is it the best purchase to date? Do you use it every year? Did you have to save up for it? Is it simple or detailed?

I'll start: ... ker-prop-/

About 3 years ago, I got this 3-piece ground breaker on sale (it was the last one). Once I took it out of the box, I was really impressed with how gross it was. Looks amazing in a yard in the shadows a bit.

I'm interested to see what y'all have found over the years!
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By Raven
I don't have anything as cool as that, Batgirl. It's been a good 10 years or more since I have lived in a neighborhood or area where people can even see my house, so I don't do much outside decorating at all. I hope in the future I will be in a location I can buy some bigger and better things for the yard and house.

I still buy some decorations for myself though. In the past few years I have been picking up one of these skeletons each year. They are becoming my favorite decorations. They are fully poseable and just the right size to hang out on my bookshelves. This year they are adorning my fireplace.


They have a lot of different ones as far as the clothes they have on or different colored glitter. I almost got a hot pink one the other day.
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By mesmark
I haven't bought much either. There's not much here in Japan and shipping internationally can get expensive. I did buy a bag of bones which has come in handy.

I've just been making my own for the past few years. However, I would love to pick up this guy: ... atekeeper/

That seems like a prop that would be great in a number of places. You could put him out in the yard, on the front porch, or in the house.
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By wookie66
I actually bought the jumping spider this year at Spirit. I usually try to make my own props or enhance one that i have bought but i was walking around Spirit the other day and that damn spider got me. I never get scared or jump at props but this thing leaps so quickly it made me jump back. I bought it and so far everyone in my family has screamed when it jumps at them so i cant wait to use it on the trick or treaters this year.
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By monstermash
I'm the same as Mes. I tend to make my own props. The only thing halloween related I buy is my monster harvest ZP! I know I couldn't do halloween without it. :)
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By amandap80
Best purchase to date is a real huge cauldron from an antique shop. It's 36 inches across and super impressive.
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By Kayo
going to have to say my Zombie Pumpkin membership along with the pumpkins i will soon be acquiring to go along with it (payday has yet to happen :( ) most of my decorations have left me in my recent move but i plan on spending much time in my theatre's shop scaring up some new ones. 8)
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By Starparty
It is probably a tie between my fog bubble machine and my new candelabra!


I just bought it yesterday at Foy's Halloween shop, so maybe it is the best decoration bought this year? :D

Without candles it is almost as tall as I am! I'm not sure if I want to use bleeding white tapers or solid black dusted with a tiny bit of fine glitter. I'm also thinking I'll put two red vinyl triangles on the spider's back.
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By keifferone
My bubble fog machine is pretty cool. The little kids loved running after them. I do have a fogging zombie that is pretty cool to. But my Kins are the focal point of my display. I have a christmas speaker system that I have them set up too so they play to my Halloween play list.
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By SuperSonic
Dadja wrote:Image

nuf said 8)
'Nuf said again :)
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By pagemaster1993
I agree with Dadja and Sonic, the carving set was a real good buy.
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By Batgirl
Star - I LOVE that candelabra! It's great!

Dadja - Truth, brother.

It's fun to see the little gems that people find out at stores!