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By nosferatu
Ghoulia Yelps reminds me of our very own Corpse Bride

By JimmOfTheDead
I wouldn't mind seeing some Monster High patterns, particularly Frankie Stein. The "Pretty Poison" ZP pattern looks a lot like the Monster High logo already.
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By CorpseBride
nosferatu wrote:Ghoulia Yelps reminds me of our very own Corpse Bride
I take that as a compliment..her name is Ghoulia, she goes to Monster High. I think this may be a glimpse into my next life no? :lol: Afterlife return....mwahahahaaaa

I actually bought a Frankie Stein doll the other day, not too sure what I am going to do with it yet,,,but I couldn't resist!
By majek
Yes! My kids would love to have Draculaura and Clawdeen patterns, and I want Ghoulia :D
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By snow2alike
Really, Really, Really, popular costume with the 6-13 y/o girls this year.
I know I saw at least 20 Frankie Steins a night at the zoo!
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
"These are my boos, my skeleton crew. A little strange, but so are you. Don't you wanna be a monster, too?"

Frankie Stein

After making this pattern, I've never felt more macho. :lol:
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By Raven
I really don't know a thing about Monster High although I have seen the costumes and dolls. I love her though and think I will be carving her!
By Ajax
What when did this happen? Cool pattern, my neices will love it :D . Very well rounded pattern choices this year. Something for everyone.
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By MooBoo
Defiantely unexpected, but my neice will love this. :D
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By snow2alike
My fav from Monser High !

Frankie Stein !!!

Looks totally bad (and so cute) !

If I saw one Frankie Stein costume --- I saw a hundred !!! (per night) at the zoo! Great choice !