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By Raven
I recently got the black dress pictured below. I don't have any of the other accessories so I am asking for any ideas of what to do. I love the wig pictured, and I know I can find it at Spirit. I was thinking of a black and white mask over my eyes which I would paint on. I can't leave my face natural looking, I need to do something big.

If I did the wig, the painted mask and the dress, I'm not sure what I would call my costume. Gothic masquerade ball woman? I guess I don't need an official title, just as long as I'm in costume.

I don't want to modify or destroy the dress in any way. I would like to reuse it, maybe for a witch next year. I don't feel witchy this year.

Any suggestions are appreciated! I can't wait to see more costumes from the rest of you this year!

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By monstermash
gothic masquerade sounds good to me RD. I will get myself in costume mode and see if I can come with something else. I also haven't got much of an idea for myself yet.
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By Raven
So I decided to do a spider theme after buying a wig with a spider in the center and kinda a web look. I can't pick which make up look I like best though.. HELP!

This first one takes FOREVER to do, yet I think it goes better with the wig..

This one was easier and is obviously a darker look. Plus I love having blue lips for some reason..

Obviously Halloween needs to be longer than just one night..
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By ghostface
This is really cool, nice job!!!
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Nice makeup work, as usual. You must have some fun with this! Between the two options, I like the second "darker" look. The eye shadow is very Lily Munster. :)
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By Batgirl
Like 'em both, but I really love the second look. Works well with the dress and the spiders are a great touch.

So, I have to know... what brand/color is that lipstick and where did you find it?
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By CorpseBride
*cat call*....weeeeoooooo sexy mama! Your costume looks great! I really like the 2nd one more. The dark eyes really 'make it.'
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By paddy_babe
Reminds me of Jasmine Becket Griffith :D
simpler better, less likely to be smudged over an evening of drinking or whatever..
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By blueikaos
Another vote for #2!

Love that you are so skilled with makeup!!
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By Raven
Batgirl wrote:So, I have to know... what brand/color is that lipstick and where did you find it?
The blue is not lipstick. I lined my lips first with a black eyeliner pencil, filled them in with a navy blue gell eyeliner and over that added Illamasqua Pure Pigment eyeshadow in the color Alluvium. Blue lipstick would have been much easier. :)
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By Raven
Thanks everyone! Look #2 is also prefered by family around the house. If I happen to get an opportunity to dress up before Halloween I will do the other look. The big night gets the darker look.