Trading tips for dark displays and prop production.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Aww, that is sad news monstermash! So sorry to hear of your plans going bust. I experienced similar issues with weather. We had a heavy snowstorm, which never happens in October. The ground was cold and snow covered, power lines were down, so the town was without power or heat. Most trick-or-treaters did not venture out. Mother nature isn't a fan of our Halloween. :(

But don't be disheartened. Even though things might not have gone as we hoped, there is always next year. Hard to think that far ahead now, but as you said, by summer the gears will start spinning and the Halloween passion will take over again.

Not everything goes according to plan, but a big part of the fun is in the brainstorming and building. And I trust you had fun with that process, especially getting to share it with all of us. So hang on to those ideas and props, because they will get plenty of use when the Halloween spirits wish it so.
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By mesmark
I agree with Ryan, that while this is all done for a single event or just a few weeks of decorations, if you enjoy doing it, that's the fun.

Maybe some sort of simple outdoor tarp set up for a rain plan. When we have bbq parties in summer I have these huge plastic sheets I tie to the house and then steak out into the yard. They don't look good,but we can have the party.
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By monstermash
I most definately enjoy the process more than the party itself. I love love love thinking about making stuff, sourcing materals (for the cheapest price possible!), making plans and lists, and constructing and painting etc. Same goes with the carving pumpkins. 90% of my enjoyment is in the making and carving for sure.

Mes, I had the tarp system ready in place. The trouble is that the area of garden that I use for the graveyard and walls in pretty big. Its roughly 50feet by 30 feet. then there is roughly the same size again for the bonfre, bbq area. I had a 45ft x 30ft tarp for the props side but the securing of it was really difficult. Ive got plenty of time to think of better, stronger methods of securing a tarp of that size.