Trading tips for dark displays and prop production.
By olsenr
Your worst enemy when it comes to displaying your pumpkins is when there are a couple of kids included in the party which are known to be MOD, masters of destruction. As the last thing you would want to face is a lot of trash from pumpkin remains because some kid pushed it off the ledge where it was sitting pretty well before the whole brouhaha happened.
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By monstermash
So true olsner and welcome to ZP by the way!! Luckily the most destructive of children is not coming this year. It's only drunken wobbly legged adults ive got to worry about. :lol:
I'm in the process of finishing off the walls. I just need to attatch the tie raps that will hold the walls to stakes in the ground. The paintwork etc is pretty much finished.
I was worried throughout making these walls that ive put all this effort into them and I wont have any kins to go on top. Luckily after a bit of messing around and detective work ive sourced some good kins and im off to get them this weekend.
When there is a short window of dry weather I will haul the walls outside and take some pics.
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By mesmark
That's great to hear you're almost done.

On the kids front, they can destroy, but I find they are the group who displays the most pure excitement and interest. Adults look and comment, but kids jump up and down, scream, and stuff.

For those having a party with kids, I find that the sturdier something is, the more kids tend to test it, climb on it, shake it, ... If it's really unstable, they will leave it alone. It's hard to balance that, but just a thought to pass on.
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By monstermash
mesmark wrote:Any progress? Not a lot of time left ...
Tell me about it. Talk about down to the wire. Ive pretty much finished the walls. I just need to put some stakes in the ground to save time on the day. I'm currently working on 17 gravestones, 5 skulls and three groundbreakers (thankfully just touch ups from alst year). Ive finished covering boxes in leaves that will hide the lighting. Ive still to finish my costume AND my brothers, he useless with a needle and thread. Then of course ive got 16 of the 20 pumpkins to carve either in the two days before the party or just the day before. i'm sure ive missed something but I can't think. Worried? Nahh... :o :shock: :?

i promise I will have some pics soon. Maybe if its dry tomorrow i will try.
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By monstermash
Still not a big enough window to take pics of the walls but here are a few other things ive been doing. CLICK THE PICTURES TO ENLARGE.
Some fake candles made from pvc pipe and hot glue.

The Cemetery sign hiding under the piano.

Some gossiping skulls.

Skull with fake melted candle on top.

Finally Louie watching over his Autumn harvest.
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By amandap80
OMG, how did you make the fake candles with the PVC and hot glue?!?
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By ghostface
WOW! Awesome job the cemetary sign is my favorite!
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By monstermash
I saw the ame candle on
I think it there is a tutorial by Terra. All you do really is cut the pipe to lenght and drip lots of hot glue round the top rim. Keep adding glue until you have the desired look. The ones on the forum are much better than mine. I tend to just do a rough copy. I'm too cheap to do anything properly! :)

The sheet behind is actually an cheap ikea blind. The window behind is an old sash window (think thats what they are called). Twelve small windows making one big one. Seeing as they are really old windows I was thinking of doing something on the blind. Maybe a Dr. Jekyll Mr Hyde silhouette to fit with the victorian look. Maybe Frankensteins monster. Or just a creepy ghoul. Oh! maybe the famous Nosferatu shadow. Doubt I will get round to it this year but you never know.
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By Raven
Amazing work! The teeth on those skulls look so real.. I love the cemetery sign. I would love to have that hanging permanently over the arch in my living room entry way.
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By matspud
WOW everything looks great. I need to come through and get some craft lessons from you :D The Cemetery sign would make an excellent headboard for a bed :D
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By zombombie
RavensDestiny wrote:Amazing work! The teeth on those skulls look so real.. I love the cemetery sign. I would love to have that hanging permanently over the arch in my living room entry way.
I was thinking the same about the teeth! Where did you get them from?! ;) :twisted:

Love the cemetery sign but everything looks great :)
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By monstermash
Thanks everyone. Matspud its funny you should say that about a headboard. The twisting poles at either side are actually from my old beds headboard! I kept them for ages knowing I could find a use for them.
EZ, the teeth are just hot glue put straight onto the skull. I no they still need work to look like real teeth but I just tell myself that they will look fine in the dark. :)

Finished my groundbreakers today. Only three this time. One from last year got the chop. He's lying in bits in the cupboard. I really do have skelletons in my closet! :lol:
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By CorpseBride
Wow monstermash! What a stunning display of spookery. The skulls are magnificent and the cemetary sign blows me away! You made the teeth on the skulls out of hot glue?? Do explain :D

Also I really like the PVC candles. I saw a tut for that awhile back and forgot about it until now. Thanks for posting and reminding me of those! They are on the to do list now :D