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By Mistress_of_Halloween
Is it bad that I dreamt of the Zombie Appocolypse last night???
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By nosferatu
Only if you sleep with a shotgun under the bed and went on a sleep-shooting rampage.
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By vibhandaka
What an awesome episode! Very tense!
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
I may not have time until after Halloween to start watching the Walking Dead episodes I will be recording this month. Please no spoilers! :lipssealed: From what I hear, season 2 is off to a good start.
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By sloaner
Spoiler alert, ZOMBIES will be killed. Totally forgot that when I changed cable companies I now get AMC, I'll have to download the first episode and watch the rest on TV.
By Ajax
I'm rewatching season one this week on blu-ray and will start watching it next weekend I hope :D . Such a great show. I'm pretty well up to date on the comics and can't wait to see where they go with it. They have strayed quite a bit so far.
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By wookie66
Just read that 11 million people watched the season premiere which set a record for a cable based drama. For comparison they averaged about 3.5 million viewers for each episode last season.
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By ghostface
Well i know i watched!!!! :D
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By CorpseBride
It was AWESOME! I say no more.... :P But when he did that thing to that other guy and she...oh my god...they ran...then he killed that...
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By staticfurball
That was cool!!
By Ajax
Anyone watch the finale? Wow!!! Fantastic show. There was some weird character conflict at the end which didn't make much sense, but everything else was amazing. I have read all the comics and this really does it justice. The best is really yet to come. I don't want to say much else since I don't want to spoil anything. Daryl is so badass.
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By Hottie McNaughty
I love Daryl. And it contained one of the best character entrances ever. Can't wait for next season!
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By Mistress_of_Halloween
As a watcher of the show and a reader of the comics, I can't wait to see Season 3. I also agree that was one awesome character entrance.