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By CombichristGirl
cannot wait!! im dying to see...hmm...may be thats what they want?
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By CorpseBride
I was just watching this last night! I am so excited. :D
Really Pi$$es me off, with AMC you have to search everywhere else, they don't appreciate global audiences, therefore we're blocked from watching the upcoming series trailer (comic con ..or whatever) ..however they "graciously" allow it via alternate channels when it's due for uk screening.
Hardly good, if after all the hype you want folk to sit & watch why the hell not allow them the trailers that will make them wait willingly! replies to any messages regarding this from AMC (spits) REALLY going down in my estimation! ..yet they'll want us to buy into all the schmutter!
pees me off! :roll: :shock:
AMC Biaaatches!
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By punchi
ohhhhh i can't wait! i was going to be an extra,but i didn't have the time. :cry:
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Recorded! I don't know if I'll have time to watch any before Halloween, but I'm really looking forward to it.
By DoomCookie
First episode of season 2 was amazing!! :D
this is painful fo us in the uk! ..please don't give the plot away till it's aired (treat it like vip patterns) :lol:
Edinburghzombie wrote:Can't wait to see it on Friday :D FX for UK viewers!
Sadly FX is sky not freesat, I think that's really dim on fx's standpoint, they show alot of good programming & could easily be a uk terrrestial contender

i've got a long wait unless someone burns me each episode, (no chance)

That's a hint BTW :roll:
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