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By SuperSonic
I hope to have pics up by that time. I'm just giving a general idea of a time frame when I can post about 20% of it.
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By SuperSonic
Well I hope to do MUCH better than those...I also plan on upscaling the ratios of ther quils to life size along with the rest of the costume. I also plan on using 3D models to accuratley replicate the costume.

The body suit is more or less what I`m desperatly trying to find.

You guys just wait and see what I`m cooking up :D
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By pagemaster1993
Well you have the pattern to go with your costume this year as well.
I was thinking morph suit too, sonic, you'd better not be body concious!
By kid
Mickey Mouse gloves are perfect for Sonic. They're oversized and have a fake roll at the wrist. Only problem is they are 4 fingered, and your hands sweat like crazy in them.

Great call, if they're that hot then I guess they're stuffed with a wadding not to dissimilar from manmade duvet layers?

Howabout simply removing a small portion & sticking a temprary pocket for those lunchbox slimline gel-cool sachets (the ones you stick in the fridge)
..should suffice for an evening of shenanigans & brou-ha's ??
By kid
Not to mention it would help keep your adult beverage cool!
I have also seen theses gloves in molded rubber. These aren't quite as hot because they are loose at the wrist. I found wearing thin cotton gloves under the rubber ones was pretty confortable.
Makes lots of sense, less irritation & more sweat soak up ability..

(although personally it aint halloween if the decorations all sickly sweet to me) fairies & princesses , in fact If I do anything this year it will be only to mock them! :lol:
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By SuperSonic
I actually found SEGA licensed gloves :D. And I will use this site

Royal Blue

To cover my body :)

Image These are the Gloves
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By CorpseBride
Wow that is sexy! :lol: It will look great though!