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By monstermash
I tuned in to this on Sunday night. It was alright but i wasn't blown away. I was, and still am, recovering from an op, so maybe I wasn't totally focused on it but i was a bit bored. I will watch it again though, see how the story develops. I feel like I've seen it all before.
It was so tame that I had no qualms about letting my 7 yr old watch (after i'd seen it myself).
She loves the iphone comic of the first issue, (ought to hunt out some more)
It's been worth the wait to myself if only because it's competent programming rather than cheap scream schlok.
I'm happy enough, & if it carries on as well, so will Izzy.
(one bit that moved her to tears was the "wife in the sights" scene, it reminded her of our old dog, in other words an empathy as to loving someone / something & doing the best by them).

The horse scene wasn't so true to form I felt as a horse would kick up a right fight in those circumstances, but I suppose safety of actors is paramount, ..too fast a struggle & submission.
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By nosferatu
I think the zombies are great. The series itself is slightly drawn out though and could do with a little trimming but overall enjoyed it.

Why are there never any zombie children though?
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By punchi
In the comic, there are children... don't want to give any spoilers though! I really enjoyed it, but as usual... the book is better. I'm anxious to see where they end up next season since they've derailed so far from the comics. The comics are much more dark and brutal.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Well the series did have this zombie child, shown early on:


I've watched the first season of The Walking Dead, bought the Bluray, and have the first compilation of the graphic novel. Haven't read it yet, but I look forward to it.
yes i'd love to know that too!

Izzy is still happily watching it, it does encourage emotion in her, not fear of folk in make-up (years of Dr Who & Halloween have put paid to that) ..however she does feel empathy towards the characters & their losses sustained in attacks (& in general at the continuing storyline), she comes across & states this reminds me of "the old man" our old dog who we put down prior to christmas, (with Izzy present as he was a family member) ..& has a cuddle / sit on my lap.

I'm also wondering why i've seen no cats, they'd be fast to go feral & run like heck with those not overly fast moving zombies around.

Anyone feel it's wrong to allow a child of 7 to watch this with her parents?
I'd be keen to hear, (sic), your comments, whilst I know there are age suggestions based on violence gore & language, she's a very engaged child with whom we spend A LOT of time explaining history, science et al, real life, war, death, WW2 death camps, politics, police, etc

She's not having nightmares, as she understands perfectly well that the actors wash the fake blood off & drive home, she's also au-fait with a gent who is a multiple amputee actor for this sort of thing & has a good idea of the prosthetics involved, computer digitalized effects etc.
Without blowing any trumpets, I do think her attitude reflects her upbringing in terms of parental guidance, wish we had more of it to enable better society.

So much squeamishness & fears are based on a child's reactions through observing & learning directly from parents, ..& therefore potential problems without having realistic discussions as to why something provokes a certain response / attitude.
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By punchi
I don't see why not if she's not affected by it. I think there might be a slightly naughty scene here or there though... you're her parent - you know what she can handle!
The very non graphic naughty scenes go way above her head... i'mwaiting for her to bring something like that up! :lol:
& the new 13 episode season 2 has been announced, with a couple ofwalker shots on Amc's channel...

13 episodes, izzy's very happy!