Seek hosting tips and afterward rehash your monster bash.
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By The Captain
I don't know, but I found some on my black leather couch about a week later :lol:
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By CorpseBride
That chick in the purple with the tutu is hot...meeeeeowww. :lol:

Great party pics, looks like fun was had by all.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
CorpseBride wrote:That chick in the purple with the tutu is hot...meeeeeowww. :lol:
Hey, I saw her first! :kiss: Actually, I think she might already have something going with Mr. Breathalyzer. :wink:

Great party photos, your friends really know how to do great costumes! Indeed Shrek and Fiona went all all with the green paint. Captain, I liked your costume a lot (those piecing eyes!) and as far as being the captain, you had competition with another (of the America variety).
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By The Captain
Thanks guys. Jim is crazy, when he walked down my driveway wearing that fat suit we all just about wet our pants laughing. Everyone was groping him all night. If we had been doing an award for best costume it would have been Shrek and Fiona, no question.