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By purple1worm
Just watched on PBS the show "nature" ( murder of crows).
How fascinating! I knew crows were smart but not how much!
They make tools ( only 2 other animals besides us do that, elephants and chimps) !
They recognize faces, comuniacte differently to family and other crows with different tones. H
ave different warning sounds for humans, hawks and cats!
They also mate in pairs and the older sibblings stick around and help parents with the younger chicks!
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By Hottie McNaughty
I did wildlife rescue for a while and even when they're injured, crows are wily little buggers and are hard to catch! Plus you have to work around the other family crows trying to protect them.
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By mudd
ive always liked crows, i guess i better put that on my viewing wish list of nature,animal, curious, personal interest list.
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By Nikki
That is interesting stuff! Once I ended up taking a baby crow to the Animal Rescue ...forget the park but it way out in the boonies of California that specialized in Wilflide Birds. I had it in a little Laundry bucket with some towlels..

It actually let me pet it's head since I was the one holding it while a close friend was driving :) They are lovely birds