Show off your pumpkin pics and tells us about the experience.
My first kins of the year. Bloody Mary is knackered already and the others are going the same way.


bloody mary was done on a smaller pumpkin so I reduced the template to A5 size and was pleased with how it came out. One of the supermarkets here is doing those sorts of size kins for £1.50 so I've done a few more at that size. Just finished Scooby Doo and Night Owl tonight. Will post them in a mo.
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By geekyred

Flesh feast, hulking zombie and the count are already starting to shrivel as you can see.
Introduce yourself with a bang!

nice going.
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By punchi
Nice! I love the setting!
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By Raven
Fantastic carves! Love the little dude in the fireplace too. :)
By geekyred
the little dude isn't even for halloween. we rent and our chimney isn't safe to use so he's a permenant and very heavy resident there.
I think it's safe to say that, without really trying to, over the years our fireplace and mantle have become a wee bit gothic.
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By monstermash
Lovely carves GR. Brilliant choices. :)
Can't wait to see more.
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By sloaner
Love the pumpkins, scooby looks great. Is that Betty Boop I see, pure awsomness
By geekyred
Yeah that's betty, my boyfriends pick that one. thanks for the scooby comment I'm well chuffed with it this year. I think it was two years ago, maybe three that I tried to carve it A4 size and stuffed it up. I'd like to think I've improved a bit cause I only had some smaller kins and printed it out A5 size so it's pretty small. But it's all intact so like I said, I'm chuffed.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Nice selection of carves. I know you've been around a while if you have the Flesh Feast pattern. They look nice on the fireplace (I too like your gargoyle guest, great place for him). Also, looking at your photos makes me think... should I make a Betty Boop pattern?
By geekyred
zombiepumpkins wrote:.. should I make a Betty Boop pattern?
I think the answer to any question where you ask, shoould I make a ... stencil is invariably yes. But Betty is pretty iconic.

A little halloween betty might be rather nice.