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By NHammack
Thus far this was the best costume I've made to date... I keep talking about making a replica proton pack and going as a Ghostbuster one year... but all it's been is "talk".

Here is a few pictures of my character "Ash" from a Halloween party in 2003 that the Mrs. and I attended...





  • My costume consisted of getting clothes from Good Will and making them look abused an tore up.
  • Fake Blood, not a ton of make up as I only took a little bit of brown and black to make as if I've gotten the crap beaten out of me and make myself look a bit dirty.
  • The toy "double barrel cap gun" was bought on eBay and it was a great accessory as it was my "Boomstick".
  • The chainsaw I made from PVC, a cardboard box, and the foam tip was for a fake chainsaw blade bought at a giant lego store of all places. 0_o
  • Last minute item that I made, was the shotgun holster for my back, well because c'mon I only had one friggin hand and I wasn't going to be carrying a shotgun around all night long.
Technically, this is what I was aiming for:

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By mudd
great costumes! even the guy in the George Lucas costume looked authentic! :lol:
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By nosferatu
Great pics. Santa too minus red costume.

8) 8) 8)
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Mudd stole my joke about the George Lucas costume. :lol: (no explanation about this!?)

The Ash costume is excellent! If you're going to go as Ash, you gotta do the full Army of Darkness look, with chainsaw and boomstick. And you pulled it off quite well.

Your costume making style is similar to mine. It's amazing what you can accomplish (and often under time pressure) with some creative use of items found at Goodwill and eBay.
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By purple1worm
Cool costume!! Is that really George Lucas? :lol:
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By NHammack
The pictures were from the Industrial Lights & Magic 2003 Halloween Party from when I was working for "LEC" (Lucas Arts Entertainment Company) - George's game company. I just happened to see Geroge as he was meeting and greeting all of his fan... um, I mean his employees... :lol:

I was hoping one of these years to build a replica proton pack complete with a light kit... but the furthest I've ever gotten was finding a nice reference site explaining "how to do it".

Perhaps one of these years I'll actually get off my butt and give it a go. I just hope by then I've got enough tools to be able to pull it off... perhaps I'll just buy a fiberglass shell and go from there. :roll:
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By Raven
Very nice costume! I thought the chainsaw was real, so good job with the cardboard box!
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Ah yes, the Lucas photo makes a bit more sense now, considering your field of work. Very cool.

I'd love to do a Ghostbusters costume some day, but being a perfectionist for details, I'd want a realistic replica pack. Good luck to you if you decide to attempt it!
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By NHammack
A realistic replica pack is the only way I'd want to honor my costume. From the link I posted above you can actually buy parts for making a replica pack that were parts from the ones shown in the movies. They've ether been reproduced or you can still find them today as real parts being manufactured. (some items are hard to get and are usually out of stock most of the time)

Hence why I think going with a fiberglass shell and adding the parts might be the best option. The average "pack" weighs in around 30 pounds. 0_o (heh, and I was thinking of installing a light kit with a massive battery)
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By Nikki
Great job on the costume! I love how the clothing looks battered and run through the muck :D ...AND.. great job on the chainsaw.. I actually thought it was real :lol:
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By NHammack
Thanks all for the kind words on my creativity!

To answer a few comments on the chainsaw, this is basically how it was constructed:
  • I found a box that was large enough for my hand to fit in and house the PVC that actually connected together inside the box allowing me to hold it in my hand as it looked like it was connected to my wrist.
  • Once I found the box I used red masking tape (3M) that was similar of that of the painter's tape which is normally found in blue. I covered the box with it twice since I knew I was going to grime it up, and I wanted to ensure if it got scratched it would still have color behind it.
  • I worked on forming a PVC chainsaw hand bar so that I could connect it together and connect it to the box. I wrapped the PVC once it was connected with black electrical tape tightly so give it a good tight feel and went through about 2 rolls since I wanted to remove most of the PVC look to it. Granted it still had the same basic shape around the PVC... but it looked better then I had hoped.
  • The chainsaw blade... this was the only item that was actually really purchased to give it that "complete" look. I was telling family about my chainsaw idea but hadn't figured out a way to make it considering how my hand was supposed to be in it. My Wife's Sister & her family had returned from Disneyland a couple of weeks prior to the Halloween party and said they were in a Legoland store in downtown Disney, (the shopping area between parks in Southern California) she saw that chainsaw blade and grabbed it for me. I've tried searching for information on it online but I cannot find any info on it. It "made" the chainsaw.
  • I made a round exhaust port using (you guessed it) cardboard & tape and a center protruding area to the right of the blade so my box didn't look like much of a box. Once I was finished with this I used electrical tape to finish around the corners and to make the chainsaw stand out a little more (so folks could easily spot it from across the room). I also added a side vent on the right side of the box which you can kinda tell from the photos. I covered the inside of that vent with black electrical tape to make it look as if it went back into the chainsaw.
  • Once the chainsaw was put together I had to make it look used. I grimed it up with some real dirt. I also mashed in a little bit of black make up on it to give it that grime feel. I don't know why I didn't place any fake blood on it... but I didn't. I guess since it was already "red" I didn't need more "red". Folks obviously got the idea of what it was and how it was used. As I walked towards the gate for the party & when I walked inside people were yelling, "ASH!" :lol:
By Ajax
Wow who is the guy in the middle with the Peter Jackson Costume?