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By Dans banana Loafcake
I dont know, tut,tut, you guys are something else! :roll:

She's a good mate of mine,and yes I've seen that saucy Rainbow bright number you can get off the net. She was going to buy that but instead she made one which was less...ehem... saucy. Unfortunatly I havent yet received all the photos of the party off my friends so I haven't got a decent one of her as Rainbow Bright, but here is one of her as She Ra at last years Halloween party, surely enough to fulfil any geeky fantasy, until I get the other photos done! :lol:


P.S. Thats me as Mr Incredible. Oh and her boyfriend as Hulk Hogan

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By Tkaraoke
Dans banana Loafcake wrote:P.S. Thats me as Mr Incredible. Oh and her boyfriend as Hulk Hogan
You are such a killjoy, Dans! ROFL! :wink:
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By DragonMom
instead of body paint try liquid latex. has great colors and lasts alot longer than paint.
By wilsbowski
Hi, first post on here and going to sound really cheeky but does anyone know of a way to get in touch with Dan?

I'm embarking on a similar project myself this year and struggling with this helmet! I must admit this is the first "craftwork" I've attempted in quite a few years and I thought he may be able to offer some advice.

Realise this is a long shot, but you've got to try ;)

Oh and my costume is going to be a bit different (as in not as good) as I am going for a long sleeve tee, muscle suit and tights option rather than getting my painted mobs out.
DansBanana has been awol for a good while sadly. so minimal chance of him seeing this or replying...