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By S.A.M
You can unlock a Shaun of the Dead inspired outfit in Dead Rising 2 by killing 1000 zombies barehanded as seen on Simon Pegg's twitter feed:

which links to this post:

Shame there is no cricket bat in the game BUT you can throw vinyl records :D
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By monstermash
I saw an advert for this on TV last night. It looked really funny but i think i'm still to scared to play a zombie game.
So impressed was the wife with the fun look of case zero, she's bought (as my only xmas present I hope) dead rising 2, I should explain I don't like costly games, don't have to "have it now" (I'm a parent after all) & don't celebrate ruddy xmas, so she doesn't have to take it back to the shop on this occasion! :lol:

I guess that means case zero will be forthcoming in the next 18 months or so!