Tomes from the tomb, recommend reading for you cultured creatures.
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By paddy_babe
Has anyone else read her books?? :?:
I need to read the latest one (Frost Bitten I think) but her series is fantastic! If anyone is looking for a book that comes away from the vampires (dont worry I'm still a fan of True Blood, Vampire Diaries and Twilight) then this is for you! :D

With werewolves, witches, vampires (cant escape them lol) and necromancers but in a modern day setting and the realationships and friendships that accur!

:arrow: Also worth a mention is Laurell K Hamilton, her books are mostly on the fae and are ADULT books! I've read 'A Kiss Of Shadows' and 'A Caress Of Twilight' and am hooked. once again her series have ADULT scenes in them so dont say I didnt warn ya! :lol:
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By Batgirl
I LOVE Kelley Armstong's stuff!

I prefer only the werewolf (Elena Michaels) stories myself. I've read (and loved) Bitten, Stolen, Broken, and I'm currently reading Men of the Otherworld.

Fun reads!!
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By paddy_babe
ohhh I prefered the werewolf books until I was reading Paiges one with Savannah's mum being the main character... was a great read. I've read them up to frostbitten and should be getting that soon.

Do you have the titles of the mem of the otherworld books?
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By Batgirl
It's actually one book so far called "Men of the Otherworld". It's basically an origin story for Clay and the wolfpack. Good stuff!
By DevilxKat
Kelley Armstrong: another great author! Pretty sure I've read all of the Otherworld and Darkest Powers books. Can't recall if I've read the Nadia Stafford books though.

As for Laurell K Hamilton, her books got me hooked on (wasn't she one of the first to do)urban fantasy. No, most of her books aren't based on the fae. That's actually her second series : the Meredith Gentry novels (though sex plays a major role): up to 8 novels so far. Her first books were for Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter, which are some of my all time fav novels. She's released 19 Anita Blake novels up to this date. She currently alternates between publishing Blake and Gentry novels. The past 10 or so Anita books have had sex on the Gentry scale, but the original novels had Anita more as a prudish badass. She's still a badas and the sex is starting to get toned down again.
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By paddy_babe
ohhh! thank you for the info I've picked up the wrong book for the vampire hunter series! Thats the series I read, the Merry ones with Doyle, Frost etc... was a good read, am still waiting on the last one!
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By matspud
Love Kelley Armstrong Otherwold and werewolf books. :thumbsup:
Really liked the Laurell K Hamilton "Anita Blake" books at the start of the series but now its more about the sex than the plot. Same with the Meredith Gentry books. :? :?
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By Raven
I'll have to check these out. I just finished the last book in the Hollows series by Kim Harrison. I kept putting off reading the last book because I didn't want the series to end. I definately recommend it!