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By Ajax
Anyone buy and play borderlands yet? I bought it last night but probably won't play it till nov 1st. Thoughts? Anyone have a guild or whatever I could join?
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By gregh3196
I have not bought it yet but the peolple i know that do have it say it is good and very addicting, playing 2 or 3 hours and not realizing it.
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By sloaner
I'm thinking about buying this game. Havent been playing enough video games in the past few weeks. But now I should have more time to play them.
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By zombombie
Bought the Game of the Year edition so got all the DLC. Must say, so far, I'm enjoying it!

Gone the hunter class. Usually I avoid the sniper class, but it's good fun and the Bloodwing and the secondary weapon really mixes things up.

Also it's mental. Which is fun :)