Display some killer Halloween artwork you've found or created yourself.
CP can replicate tese in cupcake form,

Do a millefiori technique to roll out a brainy appearance layer (big roll cut thin) layer & have some maggots or worms poping through the top sheet..

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By CorpseBride
Hey Killer...don't know if you will get this in time. But I just ordered your Frank the Worm dude, do you happen to have any others kicking around? I would love to add to my order if you have more!!!!
I'll see if I can tempt the wife to make some out, have some left over icing from our oversize more or less scale digital SLR cake..
I'ts essentially her hobby but i'm "creative objector" rather than director, liot's of nagging as thing progress from inception to finished article.
KK you really ought to decoratre a cake for your kids, bearing in mind how moist a cake entombed in icing stays moist!

think hard it'd be a week-end but a pretty creative outlet & achievment based on your etsy polymer clay characters.

check out millefiori technique & replicate it then gget those cupcakes going! ..I haven't seen it done yet, & would hate to have to make a poor copy of your Killer Kreations!
In fact I think I would if I were you cut to size these & your wormy dudes & sell them as ready to go cupcake toppings! ..the thing about millefiori the time is in the preperation then cutting thin slices, so basically as you start off with a large oversize bulk & roll it smaller like a stick of rock..once done it go's a long way, perfect for halloween seasonal part-ays!
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Hey CB...Sent you a PM :D

Hey Gus...Great ideas you have there! I do believe your mind never stops :D

The only problem is I hate to cook or bake. It just sucks my will to live :lol: I even loose interest in decorating Christmas cookies. I'm also afraid that I would just eat all of the fondant and frosting before anything could get done. Bit of a sweet tooth :wink:
Ok KK, you try millefiori technique with polymer clay & repeat in iceing ...you'll have it licked in a formulae you are happy with!
(i'll get my coat)