Tomes from the tomb, recommend reading for you cultured creatures.
Hi guys, as you can tell from the tru blood tv thread I have started watching the series but I recieved a email from Waterstones today and it has the box set of the book in store (I think 25% off aswell :D ) does anyone recommend the books?

I'm looking for new books (read ALL the books at home at the moment)....
(and please before anyone says "well its not twilight" or "stick with twilight" I might have read and own all the twilight series I do have other interests... my fave authors are Martina Cole, Dan Brown and Marian Keyes for example.)

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By vibhandaka
I totally recommend the books. They really are much different than the show. The books are:

1) Much more light hearted and humorous
2) There is much less sex
3) There is not as much involvment of the other characters. For example, Tara is mentioned like 1 time in the first book.
4) The books are totally from Sookie's point of view.
5) The books are SO much different than the show, that even if you read still will be suprised by what happens on the show.

I could go on and on, but the point is...get the books! They are super easy and fast to read, you won't be able to put them down!

Oh and BTW these books are superior to Twilight in every way. :)
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By paddy_babe
thanks will defo go out and get them, I will probs get the box set as I dont know what order the individual books are in lol
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By paddy_babe
I got the box set for christmas!! Vib' you were sooooo right! the books are fantastic and cant wait to get my hands on number 9!

Not in a horror vein however worth a read for the additional material to the film (esp Mr Jingles) is the Green Mile. (my one xmas present from the other half)

Slightly supernatural..
A personal much read favourite of mine is "a prayer for Owen Meany" ..thick book & blooming well written, thoroughly addictive. film will ever come close to the imagination of that one, as viewed by the reader)
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By vibhandaka
paddy_babe wrote:I got the box set for christmas!! Vib' you were sooooo right! the books are fantastic and cant wait to get my hands on number 9!

Paddy, I'm glad you like them!!! Eric, IMO, is a MUCH better character in the books than in the show, he's so funny! #9 should be coming out this Spring!
By DevilxKat
I'm a huge fan of the Southern Vampire novels! It was actually hard for me to watch the show b/c I kept comparing it to the books. For me, it's better to watch the series/movie first then read the books instead of the other way around.

It's still cool to see so many people interested in checking out the novels.