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By nosferatu
Nice find Matspud. At least they are all Stateside this time. Flagged
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By S.A.M
Crikey looking at the feedback they have have sold a Michael Jackson pumpkin for $51! Shocked at them selling the patterns and surprised that people are willing to pay that much :?
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By paddy_babe
I reported them aswell. ugh I dont understand some people! so has ryan got all his patterns copyrighted?
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By paddy_babe
I found some (from a uk seller) b@st@rds....

Link 4

Link 5

Link 6

Link 7
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By Dredge
There is a loophole here. They can say they are selling the PUMPKIN, not the pattern. I can see where this could upset Ryan, but in reality, they are selling the "time" it took to carve them. I don't really feel that this is encroaching on Ryan (except for the fact that its his pattern). The fact is that Ryan does not sell "carved pumpkins".

Don't get me wrong. They should have asked Ryan about it, but I don't believe it is as serious as them selling the patterns themselves.

Just my two cents. I would like to know what his opinion is on this. I honestly don't see the problem.

If the patterns are copyrighted, I could understand how this would be a conflict for Ryan.

@ Paddy: THOSE are the ones that piss me off! Selling the patterns themselves is definitely encroaching on Ryan.
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By Raven

I was thinking along the same lines. They are selling a pre-carved pumpkin, not really a pattern. However, they are still profiting off Ryan's design. It would be the same if someone here was to print up a bunch of t-shirts with a pattern and sell them. You could argue they are just selling t-shirts but they are selling the design on them also.

I do agree though that the pre carved pumpkins just don't seem as bad as selling the patterns themselves.
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By Dredge
Yea, I agree that it is morally questionable. I definitely wouldn't have the guff to do it unless I had his permission.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Good points Dredge, it's certainly not as bad as selling patterns. Except for two main things....

1) Anyone who has access to Zombie Pumpkins patterns is a member, and has thus consented to the Member Agreement when joining, which states, "Prohibited Use: You may not sell the patterns or products that make use of the pattern designs (i.e. pre-carved pumpkins, printed shirts, etc)."

2) Although I'm not selling carved pumpkins with my designs right now, I may want to do so in the future, and should reserve the right to use my copyrighted designs. Suppose you spent hours doing some nice art photography, and then found out that someone else was printing books or posters with your photos, and making a profit. That shouldn't be allowed, and it's why copyright law was invented.

If someone wanted to sell carved foam pumpkins for friends and family (to cover the cost of the pumpkin) that would be fine. If someone was raffling off a carved pumpkin for charity, I'd totally endorse that.

But when someone is repeatedly selling foam pumpkins on ebay, for a marked up price, with no credit to the original stencil designer.... it seems pretty clear they are just trying to make a buck, with half the effort. Why not design their own stencils and carve those?
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By Dredge
Yes, I see your point Ryan.

I want to make it clear that I was in no way endorsing what they were doing. I just wanted to give my opinion on it.
Anyone that is a regular member of this site/forums knows how much work you put into these patterns.

I did report the stencils though!

Anyway to track down who is selling these by the IP Location? Also, Im sure the user would have had to download ALOT of patterns in order to sell the stencils.
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By paddy_babe
Dredge wrote:Also, Im sure the user would have had to download ALOT of patterns in order to sell the stencils.
they could just print off one of each and photocopy them. also I didnt check if they post patterns or send them via email. Plus I'll be planning to print off every pattern to put in a personal folder (and I'm sure other members do the same) so you wouldnt be able to tell that way.

also whoever sorted the links out (tidied them) thank you (I'm guessing it was ryan or a admin/mod) I dont know how to put them on like that, hence the full address. thanks again :)
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By Crystal
I feel so bad that someone would do this. ESP seeing how there is a violation of the contract. I know a lot of people in the crafting world.. Take crochet as an example.. you can use the pattern to make gifts and stuff but NOT a profit.. .. They KNOW better

I'm so sorry I wish people were not such tools
This is why I keep suggesting a proper reporting tool, so we can copy, paste & get it right 1st time!

(the amount of wording after the report clickboxes is minimal for you to write)
Also if it were uniform, there'd be more leverage as it copied the main source (copyright owner) ..we have a short time & ryans busiest period) to deal with these ...........people, so really it needs to be standardised.
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By paddy_babe
I agree with Gus, I am worried I didnt pick the right drop down menu.....