Tomes from the tomb, recommend reading for you cultured creatures.
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By Pumpkin Hunter
Couldn't see anything about this comic on the board already, so thought I would mention it. The Walking Dead is a stunning series of comics which look at what the hell happens if you survive the initial panic and chaos of a zombie invasion. It pretty much continues where most of the films finish. It looks very closely into the interaction between a group of survivors and then how other groups all interact with each other.

I love it and hate having to wait for the next one to be published. The artwork is good and the story can be a little surprising or shocking at times. I would recommend giving this a try for anyone who likes the zombie genre.
By Ajax
I have looked into this before and I am waiting for a nice box set of the whole series, but i think it looks awesome. Thanks for the recommendation, i will search it out again. I also suggest the 30 days of night series if you like that one. I have a nice box set of that series signed by steve niles.
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By stoneoaks
NO Question, READ it!!!

They are just fabulous!!!

Luv me sum zombies!
By Ajax
I got this for Xmas and i strongly recommend it to anyone that hasn't already read this series or collected it in some other form. It's only $40 at amazon and it's 9 years of work 48 comics collected in one volume. It is a complete story in itself, but does continue on afterwards. I also got the dome by stephen king for xmas and it is wicked so far, but i'm only on page 350.

cheers for the link, just reading now, may have to get the mega-comic from Amazon!
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By stoneoaks
This is one of my absolute favorites. :D
I didnt know about the compendium!
Ive been collecting the trades, awaiting no. 11 right now but its very late on its release.
Worth the wait !

As for the Dome, I really enjoyed it. I luv a good character study. Characters are what make interesting reading, sometimes the horror/fiction genre loses sight of that unfortunately.

The Dome reminded me of the Stand. Fully fleshed out characters, witty and shocking insights, just a good read.

Notice how there was no synopsis or any writing at all on the inside flap cover of the Dome? Ive never seen that, very clever
and only someone like Stephen King could get away with it.
By Ajax
I didn't notice that i'll have to check it out. I'm on page 400 now and I am loving The Dome reminds me of his earlier works and I love the premise. I can't think of any other author that can jugle so many plotlines and characters at the same time. He really makes you hate the bad people and cheer for the good ones, and he gives them all so much back story and character.
Now a TV series... watch this space, links via comic-con.
By Ajax
The TV series is premiereing on AMC on Oct 31st :D