Tomes from the tomb, recommend reading for you cultured creatures.
By Ajax
Any Richard Matheson fans out there? I have been reading his stuff for the past couple of years. My favorites are I am legend, what dreams may come and Hell house, but i have read most of them at this point in time.
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By Raven
Sadly I only discovered his writing after I am Legend came out with Will Smith. Since then I have read several of his works. Hunted Past Reason had me very anxious and reading through the night.
By Ajax
Wow i thought i read them all but i haven't read that one yet is it a short story or a good length?
By Ajax
Richard Matheson books I have read:

Stir of Echoes 4/5 *s
What dreams may come 4/5 *s
I am legend 4/5 *s
Now you see it 2.5/5 *s
Journal of the gun years 3/5 *s
Earthbound 2.5/5 *s
Hellhouse 4/5 *s

I put ratings beside them for how much I enjoyed them

Own but haven't read:

The memoirs of wild bill hickok
Somewhere In Time
beardless warriors
7 steps to midnight.
The incredible shrinking man.

Any true horror fan should read Richard Matheson. He helped to create alot of horror writers. I know both Dean Koontz and Stephen King have both given him credit for molding them into writers.
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By purple1worm
I ;ll have t check him out. Thanks!!
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By Raven
Ajax wrote:Wow i thought i read them all but i haven't read that one yet is it a short story or a good length?
Hunted Past Reason is a full length novel. It is not a supernatural type horror story, more of a psychological thriller.

"Now You See It.." is another strange one by him. Again more of a psychological thriller.

I would recommend both these novels if you are a fan of his.
By Ajax
I did read that one and I enjoyed it, but it wasn't as good as some of his earlier works. There were so many twists it was crazy. Cool concept though. It would work great as a play.
By DevilxKat
I haven't read any of his novels.

I've seen the film adaptations and read the graphic novel adaptation of I Am Legend. The original novel is the next book on my to read list.
By Ajax
Check out Hellhouse and Stir of Echoes you'll enjoy those as well. They would be his most mainstream horror type books next to I Am Legend.