Tomes from the tomb, recommend reading for you cultured creatures.
Has anybody read this? Having read Pride and Prejudice at school I am a little weary. However, it is much hyped and the prospect of the Bennet girls as zombie slayers trained in Chinese kung fu does appeal.

Apparently 85% of the text is Austen's. Such has been the novel's immediate success it is already spawning a new genre "monster-lit". Classic novels that are mixed with a horror make over.

I am quite tempted to start my own, " A Tale of Two Vampires" or "The Taming of The Zombie"
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By gregh3196
I saw that book at the store but didnt have time to check it out, sounds interesting though...
By Ajax
I have seen it on the shelf but i never read the orginal. There is not alot of good zombie fiction out there. I read David Wellingtons Zombie trilogy and it was okay but i wouldn't reccomend that either. Even World War Z with so much praise didn't really do much for me. I read maybe half way into it and lost interest. It was like 1000 short stories that I didn't find connected. I gave up and started reading Ghost Story by Peter Straub which is okay so far but it has been a while since I read really great book. Can't wait for the Dome by Stephen King in November though.
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By nosferatu
Good point on World War Z.

A more apt title would have been World War ZZZZZZZZ. The problem I had with it was that I read it at night and as I was usually tired anyway, it helped me drop off. Yet other people I know think its great. Maybe I'll give it another go......
There are more titles of this ilk, they came to the attentionof publishing houses some months ago, thus new takes on classic novels are adopting this spin..
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By SaneInsideInsanity
i have but havnt read yet ill let you know when i finish it's 4 away in my reading pile right now
By Ajax
You have a reading pile to??? This is my reading pile.

Ghost Story(peter struab) Currently reading
ferinheit 451
Duma Key
Memroirs of wild bill hickok(richard matheson)
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By SaneInsideInsanity
Mine's slightly book tastes vary greatly
And the ass saw the angel (Great book)
The Dead School (Very G but hard to get into the first few chapters)
god on the rocks(Great use of Language, was a short read but good)
Irish Ghost Stories (kinda picking my way through)
Choke (waiting for this one to come in)
Pride and pred. and zombies (grr my hold if still 40 away at the library)
Lost (Currently Reading)
Sense and sensibilty and sea monster....(havnt found a copy of this one yet .
The road
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By Pumpkin Hunter
I love zombies and I love Jane Austen novels, I'm just not sure if they go together. I am currently reading Mansfield Park and might try the new zombie version of Pride and Prejudice after it.
By DevilxKat
I know quite a few people who have given rave reviews to the Jane Austen/zombie novels.

I have never read any of her novels and though I love zombies, they still don't appeal to me.
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By Hottie McNaughty
I read was pretty awful but the hardcover edition sure is pretty!