Seek hosting tips and afterward rehash your monster bash.
We are trying this out next week..

Simple for party food..

I'd be crazy not to mention browsing the other recipes whilst you are there!

Great flour firm here in the uk. ..lovely bread (we don't do store bought bread nowadays, & it's brought bread back to the dinner table as part of the meal! (saves some £££)
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By nosferatu
GUS, a polite warning.....don't be going all Jamie Oliver on us!
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By nosferatu
Incidentally, we had a bread maker. Paid a small fortune for it. It came in handy when we were building an extension as the loaves of bread it produced made excellent bricks.

The brown bread it produced could quite easily be classified as a lethal weapon
Bread makers are so unnecessary believe me!

we also bought into the premise of "it's so easy" ..& suffered bread-bricks too! ..needless to say it's now used to make jam by a relative (waste of £100)
We use our trusty new & FREE kenwood chef to mix dough, windowsill or a low oven for proving & quality bread that's edible! (don't recommend loaf trays) just dough on stone in oven!

if you'd like one PM me & i'll tell you how we got it!
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By Mistress_of_Halloween
Gus I agree that stones are the best to use. I love all of my stonewear as it can be used for almost everything.
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By SaneInsideInsanity
I loath bread makers. I also make all my own bread a site you may want to check out is
They do have bread maker recipes but ive never owned a bread maker and like doing it all by hand it;'s kinda therputic all that punching and kneading :D.
These recipes do look quite tasty thanks for the links gus. ... ash-bread/
this one ive been dying to try but can;t make it :( it seems like a good halloween bread and you could easily replace the butternut with pumpkin, :D if anyone give it a shot let me know how it is.