Tomes from the tomb, recommend reading for you cultured creatures.

Just found this on youtube..

By Where the wild things are author ..

Mommy is the only word spoken on each page as the toddler wanders through a spooky mansion, the toddler subsequently scares / humiliates the monsters..

Watch through the interview to get an idea of the book pages, this may be a careful buy to read under supervision to your families youngsters..
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By nosferatu
I have this book, in fact Corpse Bride is trying to get hold of a copy in another thread. I bought mine from a local bookshop that specializes in selling discounted, remaindered stock. Cost £2.

It is extremely well engineered, we have been through it hundreds of times and the pop ups still work perfectly.
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By nosferatu
I have most of the Robert Sabuda books. Mega Beasts is probably the one that has been looked at most.

I think the engineering behind his work is sublime. Iam even using his "simple Frankenstein pop up you can make" available on his website as Halloween Birthday thank you cards.