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By nosferatu
The first two episodes of Psychoville, from the creators The of League of Gentlemen,were broadcast tonight.

Dark, sinister and funny, I thought it was brilliant. Five seemingly unconnected characters all receive the message "I know what you did."

Best character has to be Mr Jelly, the one handed clown / children's entertainer who drives around in a hearse. He scares the children by showing them his stump and shouts "Raw meat stump! Raw meat stump!"

Hope it lives up to such a promising start
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By S.A.M
Curses Tea Leaf you beat me to it :twisted:

I was just gonna say;

I've just finished watching Psychoville on BBC 2 and WOW it was amazingly dark and funny, I loved every minute of it. It's from the creators of The League of Gentlemen so if you like that you'll love this.

Wikipedia if the BBC site doesn't work for people outside of the UK.

I loved everything about it; lighting, music etc if you love dark humour and creepy horror you really should check it out.
Get it on the BBC iPlayer in the UK or check the usual places if you're not ;)

I like how Mr Jelly's hearse/clown car has "Keeps kids quiet" written on it :lol:

One of my fave lines from the episode; "I had death threats as Mother Goose and it wasn't golden eggs I was laying."
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I wish I could watch this!! Bummmer :!:

The series revolves around five different characters from different parts of Britain: David Sowerbutts (played by Pemberton), a serial killer obsessed man-child who still lives with his mother Maureen (Shearsmith); Mr. Jelly (Shearsmith), an embittered one-handed children's entertainer; Oscar Lomax (Pemberton), a blind millionare who collects Beanies; Joy Aston (French), a midwife who treats a practice doll as if it is her real child; and Robert Greenspan (Tompkins), a telekinetic panto dwarf in love with his Snow White. All five are connected by a mysterious blackmailer who has sent them a letter each, all of which contains the same message: "I know what you did…"

Dawn french is a close relation of my wife, luckily I've never mentioned that I think her stuff since the comic strip series is just not funny, ...think this series may turn my attitude round, looks good & "darkly" :lol:
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By nosferatu
Gus How long ago did you have surgery to remove that funnybone of yours? Or was it just a laughter by-pass? Dawn French has been consistently funny (even when the material has been poor - F & S's last two series). Even main stream comedy with her in has worked because she is a wonderful charchter actress with formidable timing.

However, glad to see you have sought alternative therapies and that you appreciate this class act.
It may be the sheer amount of head injury i've had since a lad has resulted in alteration of firing synapses in certain areas, I just think she's not funny generally, now Lenny on the other hand has me in stitches!
Vicar of dribley was just so over-hyped, murder most... etc. too over hyped I think.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Wow, this program sounds terrifically twisted. I'll have to get on hands on it one day.
By CanadianCarver
I watched the first two episodes, and loved it! Very disturbed characters. I can't wait to see how it all comes together.
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By nosferatu
Tonight's episode was wonderfully dark, macabre, surreal and funny.

I particularly liked the Clown Court sequence and Freddy being fed.

Comes out on DVD at beginning of August.
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By Tkaraoke
This sounds like my kind of twisted! LOL

...then again I think The Mighty Boosh is one of the best things to come out of Britian in a long time! LOL
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By nosferatu
New series is currently filming and due out 2011.

However, there is a HALLOWEEN SPECIAL to be broadcast in October.

For those not yet acquainted, episodes od Psychoville can now easily be found on You Tube.
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By monstermash
Watched the Halloween special last night. Did anyone else see it? I loved it, nice and scary. The trick or treaters at Jellys door were terrifying and that bit were Mr. Lomax saw that man floating towards him in the hospital room. I s**t myself.
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By nosferatu
I loved the Halloween Special. Mr Jelly is just such an icon. One of my alltime favourite charachters. Love him.And his attitude.

I also loved Dawn French's Head carving instead of a pumpkin.

Looking forward to the new series