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By purple1worm
The eye was cool. My fav. was the green ghosts floating upward. Very nice.
By Cheef
dang you Nos. why must you show me such things. I have enough stuff to spend my money on. now i gotta find a projector. Hello. Mr E-bay.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
I mentioned this DVD in a thread last Halloween, but it's a really cool product so I like the idea of starting a dedicated topic for it. Here were my thoughts...

Hallowindow is made with the intention of projecting onto a large sheet placed over your house windows. If you don't have the hardware for projecting, this video of creepy cool animations would look fine even just playing on your TV. I really like the animation style and themes chosen for this collection:



A quality product, I must say. If you like the illustrated style of these animations, you should be pleased.

Just be aware that there are 2 animations on the disc, each about 2 minutes long. And 4 extras that basically repeat one of the scenes on a loop (spiders, ghosts, etc).

The entire animations are shown in the sample videos on the site, so don't expect a ton of footage you can just sit down and watch. But for it's intended purpose of projecting in your window on Halloween, a 2 minute animation is probably long enough for passing trick-or-treaters. Wouldn't want it to be too engrossing, or they might set up lawn chairs and turn your front yard into a makeshift drive-in theater.



I had a couple Halloween functions last October and had these animations looping on the big TV the whole time. I love it. Hopefully I'll own a digital projector some day so I can use it (and similar products) on the windows as intended!
I used the big scream tv dvds last halloween to great effect, If I could borrow a big projector for the night then maybe this would be shoehorned in, it's suitably good & short, looks like the latest collection is a conglomeration of all the previous years clips...
There are eater eggs on this dvd...


The first egg (title 03) is a repeat of the Ghosts clip. However, this time the ghosts have been tinted red rather than the classic white found in the original. This clip can be found by highlighting "Ghosts" on the Extras menu. Press the left arrow key to reveal a pair of eyes lurking in the shadows. Press ENTER and the red ghosts begin to fly!

The second egg (title 06) is what the animator refers to as Hallowindow Zero. This is a 42-second clip that I believe the animator created for his own personal use in 2006 that ultimately spawned the Hallowindow franchise. There is no sound track for this animation. To find this clip highlight "Spiders" on the Extras menu. Press the right arrow key to once again reveal a pair of eyes. Press ENTER to see this historical clip
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Thanks for posting the easter egg info GUS. I've found the red ghosts (a rather hellish variation on the typical white ghosts, I displayed it often last season). But I don't think I'm aware of of the hidden "Hallowindow Zero" clip. I'll have to look again!
No worries ryan!

Another thing, thif you go to the hallowindow site there is a partial download is available for $6 (can)
..Something I'll be looking for is a big cheap old projector by the looks of things!

..from the site

Download Hallowindow I

What's in this download?

Hallowindow I (length - 1 minute 45 seconds) includes reversed version for rear projection
Bonus - THE EYE (length - 2 minutes)

What is the format?

Mac - Quicktime™ (requires Quicktime™ 6 or higher)
PC - Windows Media™(requires Windows Media Player 9)

IMPORTANT! This is NOT a downloadable version of the full DVD
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Oh excellent, another fine option for those that want to try out the window projection technique. Now that this artist has come out with a couple versions of his "Hallowindow" animation, I wonder if he'll put put a new version for 2009 or 2010 with new scenes?
Hint, if you think you want the limited (read smalltime production & limited runs) they run out quickly in the run up to halloween so i'd get on his mailing list asap.
Perhaps ryan ought to have a word, get a link, sell em in the shop[s & have a "zp" animation added!

..I'll have one
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By The Captain
I remember this from last year, very cool idea. I like the style of his animations. It would look very cool projected on a screen that took up the whole open garage door.
might help your numbers on the night, bearing in mind your location buhdewsey! I recall you're by a stop sign aren't you!
how about a zombie crossing person / roadworker, you could haunt the roadside & get the word out, handing out candy to cars as they stop to look at your animation?
..just a thought as I reckon the reflective tabard would work really well & keep you safe(ish)
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By The Captain
Good memory Gus! Yeah that stop is off a dead end road, and the street that goes past my house is also a dead end. The only projection that might help my numbers would be some porn so the neighbors get busy making new trick r treaters! lmao
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By sloaner
I saw this last year on another site and I plan on buying it this year. My place of work makes digital projectors but they are the ones that play those 3-d movies so I wont be using one of those. I think I'll have to buy one from best buy or something. I'm hoping he makes a new dvd this year.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
I got an update email from Mark Gervais, the maker of the Hallowindow, and he says a new version of his DVD project is on the way.

I was just looking at the digital projectors at Best Buy and boy... they do seem pretty pricey, considering how infrequently I'd probably use one.
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