Seek hosting tips and afterward rehash your monster bash.
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By Batgirl
This year I'm hosting my first carving party! For those of you that have hosted a few of these before, *cough*Ryan*cough, do you have any tips, suggestions, etc?

*Music or horror movie going?
*Snack ideas?
*Prize catagories

Thanks in advance!!!
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By badgers
Definetly pizza :D . Guests supply the pumpkins you supply the patterns. A Dollar Store near here had a bag full of tea lights (can't remember if it was 25 or 50) for, need I say it --- A dollar :shock: . Halloween music softly in the background, with horror movies going on the tv.

For those who don't want to bring their own pumpkin, perhaps they could carve one of your extra kins (we all have extra ones don't we?) ---only thing is you have to really trust them --- to do a decent job, and YOU get to keep the carved creation.
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By CombichristGirl
man i love u guys. u inspire me so ... sigh
i wonder if i could get some people together for that? lol anyone in the ohio area head over lol
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Halloween music is a must. Tons of stuff out there, including the classics of the season that everyone knows. I hook my laptop to the stereo system and put all my Halloween MP3s on shuffle.

I've been hesitant to play horror movies on the TV, for fear of losing some of my guests to the draw of the idiot box. Some people might wimp out on their carvings and be couch potatoes. I usually have some looping Halloween animation on my TV. Some suggestions for that sort of thing in this thread.

Any spooky themed finger foods are good for snacking. Something people can grab on the run, as they swoop by the table, and then keep on carving . Here's a site of Halloween Recipes I had in my bookmarks.

Giving prizes for the carvings are a fun idea. I try to think of a bunch of various titles I can award people with (some serious, some silly) just so everyone feels like they accomplished something (even if it's the "hack job" award or "not last place" ribbon).

You can give prizes to the main winners of your carving contest, or just give goody bags to everyone filled with candy and other spooky favors. Get creative!
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By SaneInsideInsanity
I have one every year at least for the last four years and the one thing i find is a must...well besides the pumpkins is....
Witch's Brew (for carvers over the age of 18...21 in the usa)
1 6oz pkg Lime Jell-o
2 cups boiling water
3 cups chilled Pineapple Juice
2 L Sprite
2+ Cups Chilled Vodka...(the lemon lime or madarine orange if going with flavored)

Poor Gelatin into a large bowl, slowly stir in boiling water, Stir for 2 min...drink extra vodka to numb arm numbness...Stir in pineapple juice....let cool to room temp, at this point i check the vodka quality....When cool transfer the mix to a glass or clear plastic punch bowl...(you could you a cauldron if you'd like) Slowly add remaining vodka and Sprite until well mixed. Add some red floating ice cubes with gummi worms and spiders in them. Set punch bowl atop so fantisticly green glow sticks, and watch it go!

As well i always have a few extra carving kits laying around soley because no one is allowed to touch my dremel expect me :P . I also made a few years ago a combined dvd of Disney Halloween Cartoons...i.e classic mickey, pooh, sleepy hollow, halloween treats and house of mouse villains....with no sound that I play on tv. And have a mix halloween collaberation of music and spook sounds playing. I also Find that poop dip (Velveta cheese browned ground beef and a jar of salsa mixed) with so blue and red corn chips goes over well.

cheers and happy haunting
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By Batgirl
Thanks! All fantastic ideas (I wouldn't expect anything less from y'all).

It's obviously going to be BYOP, but I will be supplying the patterns and utensils. I'm also looking forward to taking everyone's seeds for a massive batch of roasted pumpkin seeds!

Ryan, the Halloween Recipe link you sent me to is greatness. I already have her book. Genius work there.

I'm thinking of making pizzas and placing the pepperoni in the shape of a jack-o-lantern face along with little "finger" snacks.

I'm also going to have plenty of tea lights and glow sticks on hand so they can see their work.

This is exciting for me because most of the invitees don't carve on a regular basis or haven't since they were little. Once they get a hold of one of Ryan's patterns, I'm convinced they'll be addicts like we are!

Carving Party.... Brainwashing Party.... what's the difference?? :wink:
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
My parties are BYOP, and everyone has always shown up with a pumpkin (even if it's a tiny one they picked up at the grocery store on the way over).

But I usually have a good batch of pumpkins hidden away for my own personal use on Halloween. So if someone didn't bring a pumpkin but really wanted to get in on the fun, I would probably give in and donate one from my batch. Of course, I wouldn't tell anyone that in advance, or they might get lazy and just expect to use one of mine. :P

I love the idea of little pizzas with jack-o-lantern faces. I'll have to try that some time.

Tealights and glowsticks... yes, have those on hand for the people. And hopefully you have a good collection of tools. I lay out all my tools on the table in cups.... one of big saws, one of detail saws, one of pokers, one of scoops. And a couple massive bowls/pots on the table to collect al the guts.

Don't forget to take pictures of each of your guests with their final carved masterpiece. Assuming nobody has left before your final slow poke carver has finished, you can also get a group shot of everyone with their lit pumpkins.
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By April May
I had my first carving party last night.

I actually supplied the pumpkins. There were only six of us, and for me the money spent is well worth being a good/generous host.

Music is a must! I make a Halloween playlist every year. FYI: Nick Cave's "Red Right Hand" is my favorite Halloween party song. Once everybody was done carving and we started having spooky cocktails, I put on the Thriller video.

I made cocktails with red mixers so it looked like blood. I had little severed finger gummies and worms frozen into the ice cubes. Ooooh and pumpkin pie is another must! I served some up with warm cider and it really set the mood for pumpkin carving season. :D

After we were all done carving and moved into cocktail mode, I toasted the seeds from our pumpkins with cinnamon and sugar on top.
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By CombichristGirl
thats awesome! everyone! it never fails that u guys have an idea lol. i hope to have a private one this week if u will with a few friends but i dunno lol