Seek hosting tips and afterward rehash your monster bash.
What is the opinion on a Hawaiian themed halloween party? Is it just wrong to do this at Halloween with the lack of spooky stuff, or a great excuse to try and get women in grass skirts and bikini tops whilst out having a BBQ in the freezing cold Highlands of Scotland?

Was planning to carve the Tiki patterns, have some flaming torches a nice rum punch and then play beach sports on the Wii.

Am I nuts to theme the party like this instead of Horror movie?
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
As long as you're still carving something, I can't really complain. I'd say its okay... but then you must have a horror themed party next summer! :twisted:
...If it's carved, then what the hell! :lol:
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By The Captain
You could always go "zombie luau", still go with the grass skirts and bikini tops but everyone could be zombified. I would go to a "zombie luau" :)
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By Pumpkin Hunter
A zombie laua, now that is a great idea. Fantastic, that could be the way to go. Need to do some serious planning now.